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    24K 1968 Rogers Dyna-Sonic

    1968 Brass Shell Dyna-Sonic. The Chrome finish was forever and horribly marred by 4-0 steel wool "polishing." A friend did this for me. 24K Gold Plate. A rebirth. [/IMG]
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    Twin Rogers Dynasonics

    1983/4 Dynasonic Snare Drums 6.5x14, XP10 All Maple 10 Ply, Black Lug Felts, Dynasonic Lug Locks, consecutive serial numbers. 122346..... I aquired from ebay in 2001. 122347.... I aquired from ebay this past January. According to the seller, it once belonged to Doug Clifford of CCR.
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    A very special Rogers Superten 1983

    I recently picked this up from EBAY. Rogers 6.5x14, Natural Maple, XP10, ten ply all maple, born on January 26, 1983. This drum belonged to Gina Schock of The Go-Go's, who was endorsed by Rogers Drums USA at the time. There is an inscription inside the drum signed by John Cermenaro, who was...