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    Extension cable for headphones

    Are you in the states? If so, I have a bunch of these laying around (I think about 12 feet long) from a project I did and I could send you a couple...
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    Tom angles!!!!

    That kick drum looks like it's about to play the drums itself...
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    Help with Bass Drum Sound

    Not to thread-jack, but... After always putting a pillow or comforter in the kick while growing up, and then coming on here and seeing all of the derision directed at "laundry baskets", and in search of as loud a kick drum as possible, I've tried it all: unported, ported with Kickport, Kickpro...
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    Isn't it common knowledge that little kids are usually more interested in the box that the toy came in than the toy itself? Anyway, this is the era of "unboxing" videos being an actual thing, so I'm not surprised.
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    Drink holder for your drums anyone?

    Yeah, I think I mentioned in this thread already that I use their stick holder for this purpose (I don't trust the actual drink holder, which is short, with a bottle of beer) but man the clamp mechanism is really minimal and annoying. The one pictured here looks like quite the upgrade!
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    8 lug snare recommendations

    Sorry to shamelessly plug, and I hope I am not breaking forum rules, but-- I have an 8-lug batter S-Hoop that I bought for a snare that I ultimately returned. The extent of its use was being installed on the snare and played for a couple of hours before removing so I could return the snare. $10...
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    Advice from Inner City Drummers Please

    Living in an NYC apartment is a double whammy of having close-by neighbors who obviously would be disturbed by the noise, and a dearth of space in one's apartment to set up even a kit with mesh heads and cheese grater cymbals. It's tough! Growing up I used to practice every day at home, now I...
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    Zildjian ZBTs

    I think if you're really hesitant to go all-in with the cymbals, I would still suggest going used and looking for something like Sabian XS20 cymbals. Those get a fair amount of praise around these parts and are a good step up from the ZBT/B8s out there, and would probably run you no more than an...
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    Annoyed by how people treat gear at music stores.

    My guess is the guy tuned the drum heads super loose and had stabby technique.
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    Zildjian ZBTs

    I am going to warn you that not a single person here will recommend this. What they will recommend is: 1. Buy used. There are far better deals to be had on better cymbals, and besides, a "new" cymbal loses value as soon as it leaves the lot, so to speak. It does require more work, but it's kind...
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    Tama "the Classic" Anyone?

    Yes, and I fell in love with it as soon as I got it. Great feel, and I actually love the retro beater. And that's after nearly 20 years of playing an IC. I've used it on 18", 20" and 22" kick drums and the height adjustment is awesome. It's currently on my 18" kick and it's perfect for that. My...
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    light weight drum kit

    I have to agree that the Yamaha Stage Custom drums are surprisingly light when it comes to physical weight. And they are generally highly regarded in terms of sound, so they might be worth some serious consideration especially if you don't want to compromise when it comes to drum sizes/depths...
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    Choked Snare Drum: What it sounds like, feels like, and how to prevent it

    Fair point. I would rather have had the "un-choked" example in the same video for the purposes of hearing the contrast. But, we're nitpicking a bit much for what's essentially a free lesson here aren't we?
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    Looking for a new single pedal and found a good double pedal deal: any reason to not buy it?

    This. You can turn a double pedal into a single pedal easily, but not so much the other way around. At that price, I also say go for it!
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    Iron Cobra 600 footboard side to side movement

    If it's anything like my IC pedal there is a bolt that goes through that hinge with a recessed nut that may have come loose. See if you have a thin enough socket that can go in there and tighten it up.
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    Why is there a lack of love for 22x18" bass drums?

    Yamaha splits the difference nicely with a 17" depth...
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    Throwing good money after bad

    I have a little bop kit I built out of spare drums I had and since the floor tom-turned kick now has an unused leg bracket, I decided to get a cymbal arm for it. The hardware for this kit is Tama so in the interest of keeping it in the family I settled on the one that they sell, which is made...
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    Yamaha SC snare vs Pearl VPX

    Also, if you have any 8-lug snares you want to try it on, I have a barely-used one I bought for the Pearl and is now sitting unused...
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    Yamaha SC snare vs Pearl VPX

    It has a much lower profile relative to the surface of the head, so that's the main thing. Might take getting used to especially when side sticking but I got used to it quickly. I find that rim shots are less physically jarring to play, though.
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    Show us that one cymbal you just couldn’t live without

    I came here to say the same thing. I got one for a really good deal and it plays like butter. But, I haven't used it in over a year...