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    recording help

    so after my band recently broke up I've decided i'm gonna go with my original plan of recording drum covers. mainly im looking for some advice. theres a local guy selling 2 apex 180s and an apex 435. as an interface i've been looking at the presonus audiobox 44. i have a laptop. im running...
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    New Gear New Pics

    Here's an update for my set up. PDP Platinum series (tobacco sunburst finish) 10x8 12x9 14x12 22x18 Pork Pie Little squealer (cherry sparkle finish) 14x7 Sabian cymbals 14" XS 20 medium /hats 16" APX crash 16" AAX X-plosion crash 10" AAX Ozone splash 20" AA Rock Ride Hardware Yamaha DFP9500...
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    1960's ludwig keystone? what are they worth? i found these on kijjiji. they look interesting. the badge looks like the pre serial numbered ludwig keystones based on the badge. anyone know what there worth or if there...
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    Indonesian-Yamaha Stage Customs

    my school has a set of older Yamaha stage customs in a clear gloss green finish. hexagonal mounts. square badges that only say Yamaha stage custom and made in Indonesia. maybe serial numbers. I was wondering what their made of, and what there worth. the finish is pretty worn, but I would...
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    today i was looking at new drum heads and figured the actual sizes of my drum, based off shell size not the shell and hoop. my toms are 10 12 and 14 in diameter. my kick is 22.i have all store-stock heads on my kit except I have Evans Eq3s on the kick. ported on Reso. I'm looking to put Evans...
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    cheap handheld recorder

    im looking to start recording drums and stuff with some bands, aswell as maybe some video for audio. so i've been looking at various handheld recorders like the zoom h4. i was wondering if anyone had suggestions for a recorder like this around 100-150 bucks preferably.
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    christmas haul

    I was surprised to find that there were no threads of the drumming related Christmas gifts. but I figure ill mention what I ended up with. I got a drum-dial tuner. I got a couple packs of moon gel. I got a meinl double row hi-hat tambourine. the kicker was a DW 3000 double tom, stand, but the...
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    double tom stand vs. rack

    so im not sure if this is where i should post it, but it seemed like a good start. I've been looking into other hardware options recently. I play a 2 up 1 down set, but I like to have my ride low and over the kick. due to this I'm only able to comfortably fit one rack tom on my set. so is it...
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    looking for new metal snare.

    I'm looking to get a second snare drum. preferably metal as my current snare is an all maple pork pie. I mainly play rock and worship music. i play an all maple PDP set. I have a 14x7 pork pie snare. my parents are looking for me to make a Christmas list. I've been looking at maybe getting a...
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    favourite groove

    if you went and sat at your kit, no music no tabs nothing, what would you likely play. I know this is a very wide topic due to the many different styles played by drummers, but lets see what we can find. mine is probably and 8th note hat beat snare on 2 and 4. kick on 1, 3 and the and of 3...
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    T-Chad Blake (and other minimal mic) Recording method

    I was wondering if anyone has tried the T-Chad Blake recording method. in a basic sense one use one large cardioid microphone mounted between the kick and rack toms with the cardioid pointed toward the snare and hats. as a drummer on a fairly low budget, i was wondering if this works well or...
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    Rototoms. yay or nay?

    on my kit i have a 3 piece roto-tom rack, and I'm just wondering what's the opinion of drummers on rototoms? I personally got them used at a good price and it gave me something to add to my kit, so I took them. in my opinion there a cheap way to increase the size of ones drum set, that being...
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    Developing stylistically

    as i stated in my introduction i mainly play rock and worship, but ive been told by various band leaders i need to play different. one leader likes me playing toms and stuff like that, but i feel that i need to learn a new style. i was wondering if anyone new a style that it was easy to...
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    my kit

    so i figure ill toss out a quick description of my current kit PDP Platinum series (tobacco sunburst finish) (width by diameter) 8.5x10.5 (high tom) 9.5x12.5 (low tom) 12.5x14.5 (floor tom) 18x22.5 (Kick) Pork Pie Little squealer (cherry sparkle finish) 14x7 Sabien cymbals 14" XS 20 medium...
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    I'm one of the local drummers from just outside Edmonton Alberta. I've been playing for just over two years. i play mainly rock and punk type stuff, but I'm looking to continue developing. I play at my church once a month or so and have been in a couple small projects, nothing to big yet.