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    Story about instrument 'duels' on NPR

    I caught an interesting story on NPR about olden times. At one time people would have 'piano battles'. Listen to the story at about 4:30. Bach was challenged to a duel. The guy who challenged him heard Bach practicing and fled town. Beethoven played a duel with someone and the person never...
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    Don't Argue With Fanboys

    I've been playing drums now for many years. At different points during my development as a player I latched on to different drummers and studied their styles. If you look at a list of 'who's who' as far as drummers go, I've probably studied most of them in depth at one point or another. When...
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    Alex Van Halen Snare Project

    There is a lot of fascination with the Alex Van Halen snare sound on the internet, but there isn't a lot of solid information on how to get the sound. If you listen to the albums, the sound changes slightly over time and even from track to track on the same album. The best information I can...
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    Help Me Identify this Ludwig Snare Strainer

    Found this in the 2010 Catalog. Can you identify this strainer? I would love to get one of these badboys for a 402. Its the one in the top photo.
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    2009 Ludwig 402 Supraphonic Factory Tuning

    Got one of these drums straight from the factory. Out of the box it sounded OK, but the tuning wasn't quite to my liking. I used a drum dial to check the tension at each lug. I am not endorsing a drum dial and I do not use one for tuning. I only use it for information. Ludwig Supraphonic...
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    What drum related stuff should I look for in Haiti?

    Headed to Haiti Saturday the 20th. Anyone have any suggestions what I should look for if I should look for? I won't have a lot of time but I'm always curious about local drumming paraphernalia etc. I'm bringing a digital recorder and a badass camera.
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    Noble and Cooley Factory Tuning

    Here is how a Noble and Cooley Alloy Classic snare came direct from the factory. Readings on tension were done with a Drum Dial. (Note this is not an endorsement of the Drum Dial. It was used for information purposes only.) Noble & Cooley – Alloy Classic Factory Tuning Top Head: Evans G1...
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    Head selection for Vintage Slingerlands

    I picked up a set of Slingerland's off ebay for a song. Looking at the badges and finish it was built sometime between 1963 and 1969. It hasn't arrived yet so I haven't seen serial numbers to narrow it down more. From the photos, the shells are of the Radio King type with the single ply maple...
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    Drumming: Job, Art, Both, Neither?

    What is drumming to you? Do you look at it as a money source? Is it an outlet for creativity? Is it both or is it neither of those? Do you have a vision? Have you developed your own style? How much are you willing to compromise your vision and style (if you have them) in order to make money?
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    Ordered new Sonor Kit today

    I ordered a new Sonor kit today. My hilites are way to precious to be dragging around to gigs anymore. Hopefully they will survive unscathed until my new set arrives.
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    The 4 a's of Drumming Success

    Availability Affability Affordability Ability /discuss
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    Drummer for Dirty Harry soundtrack?

    Does anyone know what drummer played on the Dirty Harry soundtrack? I have been unable to figure it out. I have a very strong idea about who it might be, based on the guy's sound but I am not positive. Does anyone know who Schifrin's go to guy was at the time?
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    The Boxer Stroke

    I debated for a long time whether I should post this or not. I've learned a lot from lurking on these forums but I have seen a lot of haters posting a lot of really vicious stuff. If you don't believe that this place is absolutely teaming with egos, consider that the name Average wasn't taken...