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    My band playing "Sexy MF" at a Prince tribute last week The song was deceptively hard to play. Fun groove, but it required a lot of counting and ques. Overall one of the most fun events I've done in a while. Gayle Chapman and Curtis Stigers were there to pay homage as well, and it was an incredible honor...
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    Lounge On Fire - Like A Cockaroach [Freak Funk]

    My steel cut, blackened and peppered, rock-hopped hip-dipped cock-eyed funk-trunked flat-on-your-back pants-off-dance-off machine just released it's first single. Hope you all enjoy!
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    What's your weakness?

    As I delve further and further down the rabbit hole of playing/practicing drums, I've found how profitable it is to pour all of my energy into my absolute weakest aspect of music, even if it's just for a short period. The real challenge isn't even improving upon whatever the concept is, but...
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    Who do you listen to while playing?

    I was thinking about this during rehearsal the other night. I personally am always switching between who I'm consciously listening to throughout a song. My written part for a song differs wildly depending on who I happened to lock into when I was coming up with a part. I'd love to say that I'm...
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    What are the good vintage drums?

    What do you guys keep your eyes out for when you search eBay? I know that for Ludwig everyone seems to dig the late 60's Keystone badge kits (without the white paint interior), but that's about the extent of my vintage knowledge, other than just the acquaintance with Rogers, Slingerland, Camco...
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    Anyone ever share a kick drum between two drummers?

    Starting a dual drummer project. I'm not a fan of the aesthetic of having two separate drum kits onstage, so I plan on having both drummers facing each other and sharing a bass drum. Anyone ever done this? Any tips with it?
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    Coated Ambassador for playing on resonant side?

    Starting a project with another drummer friend of mine. I plan on playing my snare upside down so that I can get the shallow and articulate sound as well as the scritchy scratchy snare-wire effect. The thin hazy heads will most likely bust the second I get a bit over zealous. Think that'll...
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    A call for help from Boise, Idaho

    So I sincerely hope that this doesn't come across as me spamming you all here. If you take it that way, I definitely won't take it personally if you move the thread or delete it altogether. I'm from Boise, Idaho. I've been involved with a local project here called the Boise Hive. It's a...
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    Dull pain in joints...

    I'm a little bit freaked out right now. In the last week, I've noticed some dull soreness and tightness in my fingers, wrists, elbows, lower back, and right side of my neck. I've worked pretty extensively on my technique, and while it's not perfect, it's good enough that I shouldn't have to...
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    Glen Hamilton?

    Gentleman by that name stopped into my GC today and we chatted for almost an hour. SUPER nice guy that claimed to have drummed for Pat Benatar back in the day. I picked his brain for the entire time and it sounds like he played with some pretty diverse talent back in the day and also mentioned...
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    The Bass Pedal: Taking our jobs away

    If there was an internet forum dating back to the early 1900's, would percussionists be venting over their displeasure of the bass drum pedal? The way I see it, that single invention allowed just one person to do the job that it regularly took 5 other guys to do. Is there any evidence of anger...
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    Trying to track down Gretsch New Classics

    My keyboard player (also a killer drummer) is trying to hunt down a Gretsch New Classic kit. They've been discontinued though. He wants 10" 12" 14" toms, a 6.5x14 snare, a 20" Bass drum, and either an 18" or a 16" floor tom. He likes either the black sparkle or the champagne sparkle. Does...
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    Little Kits

    Looking to snag a little Breakbeat/Safari kit here in the near future. It's my understanding that a few other companies aside from Sonor and Ludwig have some sort of offering of cute lil' compact kits with a similarly low price tag. What should I keep an eye out for?
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    Poogie Bell

    I've passed his picture on my way to the forum (hah) a couple times this week. Seriously, how sexy is that drum kit??
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    So I think I landed myself a pretty fun gig

    Texted my singer telling him that I was going to post this here. I asked him what (in his opinion) our style of music was. His answer was: "Steel cut, blackened and peppered, rock-hopped hip-dipped cock-eyed funk-trunked flat-on-your-back pants-off-dance-off machine". Okay thanks Nate...
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    Can we have a "Hall of Fame" section?

    I'd love to have a listing of memorable, creative, funny, or really important threads that have gone on since the beginning of the forum.
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    Can somebody explain Tame Impala's "Elephant" ending drum fill? The actual mechanics of the solo don't seem overly difficult to me. I get that he's playing around with sextuplets and 16th notes but it all just messes with me. I'd love to be able to apply stuff like this because it sounds cool as hell.
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    How LOUD were the classic rock bands??

    I've been playing with a 24" Giant Beat on my set for the better part of a year now. I've had to make adjustments because simply put, the thing is like holding a wolf by the ears. If I get too aggressive on the thing, I completely wash out my band. I'm playing with the Vater Sugar Maple...
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    Classic Maple Bearing Edges

    I dig the 30 degree vintage feel. The Ludwig Legacy kits are super expensive compared to the Classic Maples. Has anybody rounded the bearing edges on the CM series drums? I realize that they aren't 3 ply old school, but that's okay. I've tried my luck with a vintage kit and it's a toughy to...
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    Ludwig Classic Maple Bearing Edges

    How hard would it be to modify the bearing edges to a 30 degree rounded edge? Love that feel, don't dig the price tag on the Legacy kits. I'm on a 68 Ludwig right now but I'm honestly not satisfied.