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    What drum sets, accessories, etc. do you think will be valuable in the future?

    Some might laugh, but I think Yamaha Rock Tour drums will eventually go up in value because people will begin to figure out that the Big Leaf Mahogany is from the same family as Honduran Mahogany, which makes them the only true Mahogany drums manufactured in ages. How Yamaha didn't charge more...
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    Can anyone ID these Gretsch drums

    Agreed that these are Catalinas, and it looks like the hi hats are A Custom as well. I'd say this is a good deal if it's a set of A Customs.
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    Gretsch Walnut Burl Kit

    I managed to pick up one of these kits in a 16x22, 16x16, 11x13, and 10x12 with a 8x14 snare but have found little information about these other than a Not So Modern Drummer article stating that some of the Centennial kits were made with this finish. Here are a couple of pics. Anyone have any...
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    Gretsch Wrap Question

    I'm looking through old Gretsch catalogs and not finding this finish. Anyone see it before?
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    1970S Gretsch Clear Interior?

    I've had a few Gretsch kits in my time, and all of them have been with the silver sealer. I came across this orphan in a recent purchase, and it looks legit minus the clear interior. Any Gretsch experts know if a few of these Stop Sign badged kits came with clear interiors? The edges are the...
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    Question on Sonor Phonics?

    I just picked up this Sonor kit with a 14X24 BD.16X16 FT, and 9X12 RT, and it looks to be a phonic based on the badges, but I'm wondering what else I should know about these. The shells are in great shape and the hardware looks to need just some steel wool and polishing. The wrap is a bit rough...