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    Thoughts on compact Kit More specifically, am I alone in imagining these sound pretty good? The sales rep was very courteous and prompt in responding, even allowing me to talk to someone stateside that owns some of their drums. tracer
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    Heads up on Mapex armory - $650... tracer
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    Heads up on Sakae kit has some hardware as well....
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    Heads up on Renown 57'
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    Like this guy... Great drum sound as well... tracer
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    Old School...
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    Sakae Pac D?

    I was unable to find anything definitive on the search for these drums. Anyone have any experience with them? tracer
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    Very Fluid Linear workout... tracer
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    May have ben posted before, but... tracer
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    Weckl Foot Exercises

    Could someone remind me what video has Weckl's foot technique on it? This one has hand foot singles & doubles. Is it online, or available on DVD only? Thanks tracer
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    Anyone heard a Natal Arcadia Bop Kit? Seems like a great deal- hardware included. The 22" kick kit is just slightly more money- also interesting... tracer
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    Crush acrylic-Heads up for Lansing Area... I am in Texas, but seems like a pretty attractive deal. I have no connection to the seller... tracer
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    Old school big band drum licks..

    Nothing amazingly difficult here, except the effortless swinging delivery. at 30 seconds, again at 1:24 and 2:14 and 2:17 Jack Sperling is the drummer, I believe. at about 3:30. tracer
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    Paul McCartney Interview... tracer
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    Interesting minimalist style...

    Byzances/ snare sound are also cool. Evidently from his album... tracer
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    Roughly a dozen Kit Videos

    Hope this is not a violation. I have no connection to Drum Center CZ. They have posted drum videos on the following kits in the last two weeks, so I thought I would share the link. 3 new DC Custom Kits Starclassic Performer Natal Maple Mapex...
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    Heard the new Tama Silverstar acrylic yesterday..

    I dropped into the Arlington, Texas Guitar Center yesterday , as I had a lunch appointment near there. I have owned neither Tama nor acrylic gear, but was quite surprised at the tone, authority and projection of the drums. They actually sounded excellent to me, despite the overall high tuning...
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    Can anyone reflect on the sound of these? tracer
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    Now for something completely different...
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    Very Cool Intro... The latin guys seem to have the independence thing down like no one else...