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    What is your favorite drummer joke?

    How many musicians in a quartet? three and a drummer
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    Recommend some drummers that are not yet on drummerworld

    Jon Fishman of Phish......
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    Drum kit not in use

    Keep 'em if you can with no reason to sell... Take a pad, various sized sticks and a copy of Stick Control to school with you.... Then while at school, pickup and learn to play a Cajone or Djembe....there'll be parties and someone with a guitar that'll need some color...
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    What are you doing drumwise during the lockdown?

    Haha...#6 is my Archilles heel as well, has been forever. Figure I'll nail it now....that and 50 Ways....
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    Best drum rug?

    my wife did an area rugs purge and in the end, the band ended up with a few 5x7, 4x6 oriental rugs for our space and under the drums. Honestly, the design and colors in many of these style rugs compliment the look better than just a "black" rug....
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    Carry bag for drum gear

    I purchased Protech and Gibralter heavy duty bags a few years ago with moderate use and they've held up but I can see signs of wear these days. I do not break down HH or any stands for that matter, just remove the boom-arms from stands. I do extend the HH tube "up" when travelling to protect...
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    Tried cleaning/polishing some cymbals: REALLY disappointing

    Over the years I've used many of the same methods meny have mentioned: Groove Juice, Brasso, BKF, lemons..... The last time I cleaned them (lemons, years ago), I swore was the last. Now, after every gig or even practice where I might be choking the cymbal (yeah, I know what's coming now...), I...
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    I am having problems playing in front of people got any tips to help

    Good for you! Lots of suggestions....practice builds confidence. What helped me was realizing that the audience is always on your side and usually won't even realize if you do make a mistake.
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    How many rides and hi hat pairs do you have?

    14 new beats...bought new in '81 14 A Customs...used the most I'd say 15 K Darks... I've split the sets up, mixing tops and bottoms and also used a 14 dream bliss crash in a hh setup.... which was interesting. 21 A sweet ride (very complex n crashy) 22 deep ride (another remnant from my 80s...
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    Small Crashes Anyone?

    Left side: 14 dream bliss, only non-Zildjian & probably hit the most 16 zildjian med crash (pre-s/n) 8 A zildjian splash - new and not loving it now... Rt side doesn't qualify for small... but i do like smaller sizes. Goes with my gig set which is smaller fusion size: 13 10 14 20....
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    Very Rusty from Inactivity

    Our stories are the same... I was rusty as hell and said so and they just wanted a drummer to play with, good or bad... from their perspective, maybe you're awesome
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    Join a band

    Music stores usually have local postings...I've also seen postings in Starbucks and in another corner cafe that does live music... and in a church (posting board). Sometimes barflies know when bands are looking. I found my guitarist at a comedy show and bassist at a funeral wake....never know...
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    Join A Sub Par Band Just To Get Back Out There?

    I'd keep playin for now. Never know...maybe YOU could be the one that makes them realize to up their game or get a new drummer. We started recording some of our rehersals... in the beginning, we all cringed hearing ourselves but it helped find our troublespots. We still suck but this does help...
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    I'm on a Magazine Cover!

    Awesome, congrats!
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    Playing To A Click Live

    X2 for the Soundbrenner app Unrelated, but... @PorkPieGuy. Love the color of those Luddies
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    "Are you any good?"

    I never get asked that...more along the line of what do you or bands as an example.....
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    Hanging out with bandmates outside of playing

    Of course. All but one...the one that doesn't hang just isn't as close with everyone else...even tried including him in...nope.
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    Recommend some drummers that are not yet on drummerworld

    Albert Suttle - Perpetual Groove & Steve Gorman - The Black Crows
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    Happy National Drummer Day

    I don't post very much ever but have been on this site for years....... lurk and learn... I was surprised that there was no mention of today being National Drummer Day...... who even thought this was a thing? ...and if its not enough, there's also "Hug a Drummer Day" on October 10th! Enjoy!