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  1. big_wes

    Sonor Question :)

    Hey i've been a pearl maniac for years now and will never look back.... but last year my dad bought a sonor force 2007 series and i have to say it was impressive to say the least. i've been looking at different sonor models for the last year now but can someone tell me what the difference is...
  2. big_wes

    Home Made ATA flight case for Drum Hardware

    Hey everyone......... well i've been searching online for the past few weeks trying to find cheap flight cases for my drum hardware. I found that alot of these companies are charging out the a$$ for this stuff so i decided to head down to home depot and see what could be done about it...
  3. big_wes

    Asking the Community for help with my Next Kit

    Hey everyone So i've been playing my Pearl EXR kit now for years and it still looks like i bought it yesterday, and i don't plan to stop playing it. I hope to keep playing it until i run it into the ground or i pass it down to my son. But lately i've been thinking of purchasing a new kit...
  4. big_wes

    Protection Racket Cases

    Hey Just wondering if anyone has any good pictures of the protection racket hardware case with wheels????? any opinions. i've never seen one anywhere except the site and there pictures aren't great. I own other protection racket cases (Snare) and i love it but im just wondering if the hardware...
  5. big_wes

    Need Help Please :) ! !

    Hey everyone i hope this is the right place to post this, if not let me know please :) The band has been rehearsing for ever now and we are pretty lose to gig time, but I need help with one thing. We live in dallas and the band is a tribute to The british invasion (not just beatles, Everything...
  6. big_wes

    Let's see your Cases

    Hey, i dont know if there's already a thread about this, i did a search and i couldn't see anything/ Anyway, why do the drums and hardware get all the attention what about the things that actually get them to gigs without a scratch. They take all the dings and bangs from travel and we don't...
  7. big_wes

    The Recall live at Mapleview Mall in canada

    hey this is a video of my band performing the lemon song outside mapleview mall in burlington ontario canada. please excuse some of my messy fills as my hands were drenched in sweat after 2 hours of playing and it was alittle challenging to keep those sticks in my hands lol any way enjoy...
  8. big_wes

    Need help with drum Refinishing

    hey everyone, sorry in advanced if this is posted in the wrong area. i live in dallas texas and im looking for a company to help me re-finish my drum set, there is currently a wrap on the shells but i would like a natural wood finish with a really high gloss clear coat on the top. i would...
  9. big_wes

    Custom Hendrix Bass Head :)

    hey, decided to take the risk and paint my head res head after alot of self conflict on weather or not to do it, well you be the judge the skin is a Evans Genara coated ,(sorry if it's spelt wrong haha)