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  1. Shedboyxx

    Favorite Memory Locks - Floor Tom Legs

    I need to get some memory locks for my Ludwig Breakbeats floor tom legs. I'm leaning toward DW as that's what I have on my Yamaha MCAN Floor tom legs (converted from hanging). Any favs? Or on the other end - bad experiences?
  2. Shedboyxx

    DTX Multi-12 for Superior Drummer - Hi Hat

    I'm researching what kind of multi pad instrument I can use for triggering Superior Drummer. I own an (older) SPD-S and have used it for occasional sounds live. This by using internal sounds or sounds imported from CF cards. It has also triggered toms, snares, cymbals and bass drums in Superior...
  3. Shedboyxx

    Kansas City Jazz Scene 2014?

    Looking to hear from some working players who either live in Kansas City or have lived there for a while in the recent past. I know someone who is planning on moving from Los Angeles to KC because of the lower cost of living and what he believes is a much healthier jazz scene. I've heard the...
  4. Shedboyxx

    Drum(backline) rental in Frankfurt, Germany?

    I think this is too late to make a difference but... I'm playing in Frankfurt, Germany on Feb 21st. The guy I'm playing for has tried to research renting back line drums for the gig but has come up with only very expensive or very iffy solutions. Anybody from Frankfurt or who has gigged there...
  5. Shedboyxx

    Ringo's Hi Hats on Ed Sullivan

    So there's a Beatles thread in General Discussion with folks mixing it up about whether the Beatles were great or not. That's not what this thread is about. Simple gear question for those that watched or know the answer. To me it looked like he had 16 inch hi hats or at least a much bigger...
  6. Shedboyxx

    'Justified' fans? - Ludwig

    Last week's episode ('Raw Deal'?). Actually head mentioned in a conversation between Boyd Crowder and one of the big pot dealers in Harlan (don't remember the character): "....I remember this old Ludwig drum kit with a calfskin head on the bass drum....." To me that's the first time I'd even...
  7. Shedboyxx

    Kudos to Evans customer service again

    I wanted to give credit where credit's due in regards to Evans service. I recently jumped in on the Best Buy clearance closeouts and picked up a 14" coated Power Center Reverse Dot they were blowing out. I pulled the head partially out of the box while in the store and saw it was as promised a...
  8. Shedboyxx

    Shooting drum video with iPhone - challenge

    Hi all. I'm getting ready to throw up some educational videos and I'm using my iPhone 4s to shoot the video. First time doing this. I've come across a challenge. The room my drums are in that we use to record is not very big. It holds the drums along with mikes for some recording and a music...
  9. Shedboyxx

    "Are those your drums?" - Letterman

    Love it...
  10. Shedboyxx

    Yamaha HS740 - spring issue?

    I've had a Yamaha HS740 hi hat for years and for the most part like it. It's lightweight and well built. One issue that I haven't been able to resolve is that the spring tension won't go down to where I want it. I've compared it against (2) other HS740's and they seem to be fine. The only...
  11. Shedboyxx

    Craigslist - Very funny...

    I gotta think this could be someone on this board. Hilarious.
  12. Shedboyxx

    L.A. Folks: West LA Music going out of business

    Got the following email today: Kind of a drag as another independent bites the dust. I sensed that something had been wrong there a while after drum manager Frank and one of my favorite sales guys split. That was a while after Glen Noyes left to work for Guitar Center as their drum...
  13. Shedboyxx

    One of my gigs with Tim Russ

    One of the more consistent gigs I have is with actor Tim Russ. Tim's an L.A. based working actor who I have known and worked with for over 20 years. Tim's most famous role has been as a featured character on the Star Trek franchise offering "Star Trek: Voyager" as Tuvok. I was just reading...
  14. Shedboyxx

    Nice Pork Pie article. Congrats Bill Detamore

    I live within 5 minutes of the Pork Pie shop and have used them for doing the edges on my Gretsch drums. Love my Pork Pie snares as well. Here's a nice local article on Bill and Pork Pie.
  15. Shedboyxx

    Stop the Presses! Roland SPD-SX replacing SPD-S

    At least I think so.. .....It's black.......Roland goes goth :)
  16. Shedboyxx

    DW BD Pedal cases. 5002 & 9002 the same?

    I'm looking at maybe purchasing a used DW9002 from a local craigslist. I'm not completely sure that the molded plastic carry case that comes with these pedals when new, is included. I do however already own a DW 5002 AD3 and have a case for those pedals. The case is usually sitting amongst the...