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  1. Coldhardsteel

    Vic Kick Beaters

    Hey y'all, My birthday's coming around in a few weeks and my folks asked what I wanted as a present. This semester is my first once taking jazz combo at my university, and I wanna start using my Pearl Eliminator for my practice and performance. However, the stock eliminator beaters have really...
  2. Coldhardsteel

    Theater Pit Kits

    Hey all! Today was the last day of shows my old high school did of West Side Story, and frankly the production was awesome and everyone loved the performance, and it was a lot of fun being my first experience being in any sort of pit set up. That being said, Bernstein's music can be above some...
  3. Coldhardsteel

    Brushes Sources

    Hey all, been a while - I'm drawing a blank on who is known for their brush work. I've been preparing Softly as in a Morning Sunrise with Sonny Rollins and Elvin Jones, and Jones is freakin' awesome, but I don't really know that many other tunes or names. Yes, I've done the cursory searches...
  4. Coldhardsteel

    Experience with Felt Beaters

    Hey drummers, I was wondering if anyone has had experience with Pearl Demon Drive Control Core beaters (or any other particularly nice round felt beater). I've been surviving on the hard felt Quad beater that comes with the Eliminator, and I can get a good sound with it, but when I need more...
  5. Coldhardsteel

    Books on Latin Rhythm

    I've recently been learning more and more about the basics of playing latin styles on the drum set, a subject that I've been grossly undereducated on throughout my musical life. So far, I find it a lot of fun particularly from a technical point of view - limb independence is an awesome skill to...
  6. Coldhardsteel

    Sing, Sing, Sing

    So I was learning how to play a mambo today. I put the ride pattern on a swung triplet and lo and behold, it sounded like Gene Krupa's opening beat in Sing, Sing, Sing. Needless to say, my mind was blown. Let's make this a musical mind-blowing thread.
  7. Coldhardsteel

    Why are they Called Jazz Cats?

    Just an honest question. We don't say 'rocker bears' or 'fusion lemurs'.
  8. Coldhardsteel

    Rudimental Masterthread

    Hey Guys and Gals. I thought that with all of the questions and new posts that are asked and made here about rudiments that I'd make this thread. I'm sure that at least once you've heard or said this in the technique section while talking about rudiments: And it's true. We don't need...
  9. Coldhardsteel

    Signed up!

    Just wanted to let people know I've just signed up for my first lesson series ever, with Marty Knepp! I'm pretty excited. He described his teaching style and it sounds really cool and laid-back. He suggested I get Stick Control as well, which I'm downloading as I'm typing this. The progress is...
  10. Coldhardsteel

    Sound Quality

    This is the first thread I've posted in a long while. I hope it garners some attention. A lot of percussionists I've been learning from mention quality of sound only when the group is getting to those finer points of playing drums. I feel like that does not do the subject justice. However, I am...
  11. Coldhardsteel

    Sharp and Dull Crashes

    A while back I noticed something when playing a passage with a bunch of crashes. The point on the stick that meets with the edge of the cymbal correlates to a particular response you get from the instrument. So far I think it has to do with how the stick moves and vibrates relative to the...
  12. Coldhardsteel

    My Problems with Housing and Marching

    I don't expect this thread to yield much advice, since it's kind of a tricky situation, but I thought I'd post about it anyway since there's quite the wise group here. After working hard and waiting a long time to actually make an audition and the ensemble with it, I finally got into a drumline...
  13. Coldhardsteel

    Advice for Using Brushes

    This saturday is actually my first ever paying gig! I'm confident about my playing in this situation despite the fact that I only have one more out of two rehearsals on thursday, mostly because I have a pretty good chemistry with the piano player/director and my sight reading was good last week...
  14. Coldhardsteel

    Beats that are Appreciated More than Others

    Something that I've noticed as time goes by in 20th and 21st century music is that the later the tune, the more prevalent the drums are in the mix. Dance music is almost entirely drums, whereas pop from the 60's and earlier have very mellow, dark, or soft drum parts. In today's context, these...
  15. Coldhardsteel

    First Lesson in a While!

    Recently a friend of mine approached me for lessons to give his younger brother, who's interested in learning how to play drum set. I've met the boy before and he's an eager kid, so I'm interested to see how his first lesson today will work out! I've decided to start with how to approach a drum...
  16. Coldhardsteel

    Scrounging Money Together

    So how does a young adult get enough change together to buy himself the second-to-last piece in his GB set-up? He finds as much crap from his three years of drumming that he doesn't need or want any more and sells it. The problem is that I have no idea how valuable the whole pile is or how much...
  17. Coldhardsteel

    Interesting Info Pool on Concert Crashes

    Something that I thought would be a new thing to talk about in the cymbal section: Concert Crashes! Tonight was the first of two concerts in a row that a local orchestra I'm playing with is doing, and one of the pieces is Tchaikovsky's Capricio Italien, and it has some big cymbal parts, which...
  18. Coldhardsteel

    You Are a Noob on Drummerworld Some of you may know who Eyal Amir is, and I picked this up from him. This has to be one of the best videos concerning forums ever. In fact, I'd enjoy it if we had the voice and time and materials to make our own duplicate...
  19. Coldhardsteel

    My Drum Corps Video Assignments!

    This will be the first time in a while I've posted my own material in the Your Playing section, so please be gentle. I'm currently trying out for a Drum corp on set, and since the past camp we in the front were given a video assignment. The hopefuls for the set part were told to make videos...
  20. Coldhardsteel

    Emperors on Smaller Drums

    Recently I've joined a Drum and Bugle Corp's front ensemble playing set, and their set-up is a five-piece. I have the shells for it, but I'm thinking of pulling out my extra 10" tom for a displaced 2-up/1-down deal to be able to practice the music properly, but I can't get this nagging thought...