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  1. makinao

    Do phone videos treat drums as noise?

    The problem with phones is that they use an automatic level control a.k.a. compressor. Loud sounds are squashed and quiet sounds are blown out. This pumps up the sustained sounds like guitar power chords, droning basses and screechy vocals, and kills drum transients.
  2. makinao

    Cymbal to drum ratio

    I just did drums for a virtual choir. 5 Drums: kick, rack, floor, 2 snares. 7 Cymbals: 3 crashes, 2 chinas, 1 ride, 1 splash. I couldn't help myself. Hahahahaha!
  3. makinao

    Want your input on steel snare drums.....

    I have 14x5.5, 12x5, and 10x5 steel Pearls. They are happy and rumbunctious, have all kinds of odd overtones. and are fun to play. Just get one with a reliable throw, triple flanged hoops, your choice of single ply heads, and let it rip!
  4. makinao

    Show me your cymbal scale.
  5. makinao

    Pearl drums

    I don't know, but Ludwig has TWENTY-TWO snare models, and ELEVEN kits. Yamaha has TEN snares and ELEVEN kits. Tama has SIXTY-THREE snares and SEVENTEEN kits. Gretsch has THIRTY snares and EIGHT kits.
  6. makinao

    Want to add another crash

    Get something DIFFERENT. Like an ozone/efx or a crash of doom.
  7. makinao

    Tidied up my drum room. It was worth it.

    Lucky you only had to tidy up. I had to completely pack up. Its summer now in the Philippines, with Heat Index reaching mid-40C. The air conditioner in our master bedroom died, and we can't have it fixed because of the lockdown. The drum room was the only other room with a working one. So I had...
  8. makinao

    Thoughts on Phil Collins

    Unlike Ringo, PC was a bonafide 70s fusion / prog rock drummer. I'd put him closer to Bruford, the two having had tenures in both Brand X and Genesis.
  9. makinao

    Gear shopping while you're hungry.

    Don’t. Just don’t.
  10. makinao

    Is this vintage Zildjian a crash, a ride, or a crash/ride?

    I have a 2013 18" A thin crash which is 1331grams, and a 2009 A Custom Projection crash which is 1518 grams. So yours could be a medium-thin or medium crash.
  11. makinao

    edit: What Is It? (pics added)

    My mid-70s 22" medium ride is 3313 grams. It's still my only ride. If it's anything like mine, you did good.
  12. makinao

    Bought an interesting cymbal.....

    I have 6. Will I make it? :-)
  13. makinao

    4PC,5PC,6PC KIT ?

    I grew with a 2-up, 1-down, 1 snare, hh, ride, crash ride, and crash kit. But I went into a hiatus from the late 90s until 2008. When I came back to playing, I just set up 1-up, 1-down in my kit. But since then, I've added many cymbals and 3 snares. The old me played lots of fills on toms. The...
  14. makinao

    Must have snares

    Your acro is a fine all-around snare. If you get anything else, it has to be very different from it. One option is to get a 10". They are a big contrast to 14" snares, and are really fun to play. They are almost de rigueur for "drum and bass", and as a side snare for pop and hiphop. If you...
  15. makinao

    Tweeter Workout

    This is the soundtrack of a sound installation I exhibited last year. Something to give your tweeters an Easter workout.
  16. makinao

    Gonna get a ton of hate for saying this...

    Tony was special, unique, and innovative. One could easily tell it was him playing because of his distinct style. But this guy, while technically gifted, is not unique. I wouldnt be able to tell him apart from many other current drummers.
  17. makinao

    Gonna get a ton of hate for saying this...

    Errrrrrrrr ...... nope.
  18. makinao

    Drum Mics

    SM57s and MD421s are still GREAT for close miking drums. If you have them, keep them. For overheads, a good small-diaphragm condenser will do. Mid-priced SM81s, NT5s, WA84s, AT4041s, C451s, will get the job done, and high-end stuff like KM-184s, DPA4041s, and TF-5s will sound great.
  19. makinao

    Musician's Equipment Inventory List

    I have a spreadsheet in google docs for my drum stuff. For example, the fields for cymbals are: Brand Model Size Weight (grams) New or Pre-Owned Serial Number Date of Production Date of Acquisition Acquisition Cost Acquired from Comments