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  1. Frank

    Last gig on drums for a long time?

    I just finished my warm up for a gig later - the last gig for our band on the books. Got a little depressing thinking that in all likelihood I will not have a gig on drums until next year, spring. Assuming the band doesn't go in separate ways because of all this. We caught a break with a...
  2. Frank

    Simplest affordable play back solution

    My typical way for practicing is: laptop, isolation headphones, MP3s via Windows Media Player. The isolation headphones - by Katt - are overachievers, and I can barely hear what I am playing. What is the simplest affordable, low/no cable way to achieve all of the above - playing along to...
  3. Frank

    Any innovation lately with Super Quiet Practice Pads?

    I know this topic has been discussed many times here. But, I'm wondering if there has been any Recent innovation with practice pads that are true to a drum's bounce but are super quiet. I'm having great difficulty with my sleep during the crisis. I will doze off, but then wake up in the...
  4. Frank

    Down the rabbit hole: attempting super low cost pancake kit

    Thought I would share some of this for your possible entertainment value. I have had the thought to attempt to assemble a very low cost pancake kit. Note that DW's pancake kit is 900 USD. What you see in the picture is: a 20 dollar frame drum shell, with a good drum head and a drum rim...
  5. Frank

    Latin Elements - Frank Briggs

    I am working in this book now, and I wanted to say something about it here. This is a very interesting and fun set of rhythms. He calls them Latin based, but you can use this stuff in many, many places. In addition to these being fun to play, they are essentially a different round of...
  6. Frank

    List your equipment failures

    This thread is inspired by another recent thread: How much spare gear do you bring to a gig? In this one, let's list all the different equipment failures we have had in our playing lives. Maybe tell a story or two. :)
  7. Frank

    Looking for play along suggestion: instrumental full band funk grooves

    There are many funk packages on the planet. But lots of drum material simply demonstrates a groove - without a full band. I'm looking for something fun to play along to - that would be a variety of funk grooves in increasing tempos, long in length, that have full band. ?
  8. Frank

    Ugh - I can't hear out of an ear

    Ugh. I occasionally have problems with my ears. I don't know what the deal is. My right ear is fine. My left ear, for whatever reason, generates more Stuff than the right ear. I will wake up, and it will feel "wet". Anyway, I am in the middle of a significant problem. I'm pretty...
  9. Frank

    Help finding my next stick

    I play nylon tip sticks mostly. I really like ball tips, and there are so few options out there. Most of the ball tip sticks are pretty heavy. I play a very light stick. I'm looking for: 16" length, .520 width, with a ball tip. And not a mini ball tip. A full size ball tip. Basically, I...
  10. Frank

    Junior kits for rehearsal kits or small venues - Pearl Roadshow Jr / Mini

    I have a history of playing on low end stuff. There is something very interesting to me about taking low end stuff, putting good heads on, tuning properly, and using them for gigs. I have logged plenty of miles on very low end equipment. I have also logged plenty of miles on some high end...
  11. Frank

    Dixon Drum Discovery

    I recently stumbled upon a Dixon kit. Never really knew anything about these drums. Saw a great deal online on a Dixon Fuse kit, and I took the plunge. I'm loving this kit. Sounds beautiful to me, and it looks beautiful. My previous kits have always been in the standard name world -...
  12. Frank

    Check out this outstanding instrumental material

    We have a guitarist in the region who is a fantastic player. He has played with many other great players and well known entertainers. He just completed an album with his instrumental project. His name is Matt Finck and the project is Fat Mink. :) I am enjoying this album so much that I...
  13. Frank

    What you hear behind the kit

    I copied these from another thread about someone wanting to muffle their toms. I thought these thoughts were worthy of a separate thread.
  14. Frank

    Ear plugs that specifically attenuate highs

    Can you suggest ear plugs that will specifically attenuate much of the highs. As I have aged, I have great trouble with the highs that come off the kit. I know people don't hear it 20 feet away, but right at the kit, the highs that come off the snare are too much for me. Is there an ear plug...
  15. Frank

    Hudson Music Black Friday Head Start - 40% Off Now

    Hudson Music is offering a substantial 40% off for Black Friday, starting right now. I just bought a Steve Gadd video for $5.99. Promo code: TURKEY
  16. Frank

    Minimum age for starting drum lessons

    A friend of mine has a 2 year old grandson. They gave him a drum and sticks, and she thinks he has natural ability. She was interested in already exploring drum lessons for him. 2 sounds kind of young to me, but I'm not a professional educator. Can anyone offer an informed view of the...
  17. Frank

    Want to upgrade tom lugs

    I play a low end kit. While all is fine with it, I want to upgrade the lugs on the toms to something very good quality. Something that will tune nice and smooth. Anyone want to suggest some nice quality lugs - ideally that will match the 39 mm sizing of the current holes on my toms? Thanks.
  18. Frank

    Want to set up a very quiet snare for practice

    I would like to set up a spare snare as a practice snare - very quiet. Looking for advice. It's absolutely important that there is nothing on the top of the head. I need to use a real drum head tensioned like a snare or tom, with nothing else on top of it. No rubber, no cloth. No mesh...
  19. Frank

    Doubles builder - using Emmanuelle's diddle pattern

    If you saw Emmanuelle Caplette's recent video, she plays a diddle pattern warm up with accents. I decided to take the accent pattern and apply it to a double stroke exercise. Here it is.
  20. Frank

    Doubles builder - around the kit

    Here is a compact exercise to bring your doubles around the kit up to speed. The first half of the line is in triplets. As with everything, start slow, command it, and then gradually bring it up to speed. I have reference MP3s for 50 to 100 bpm. This exercise works best with Custom...