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    Where can I find Birch Shells for building drums?

    Ok, so after 3 years of being away from my favorite community... I'm back! Now that that is out of the way, I have a question. Scenario: I'm starting to build drums myself. I finally have most of the gear to take raw drum shells and turn them into something beautiful and unique both visually...
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    Sweet Home U.S.A!!

    This is just a post to let everyone know I am finally out of Iraq and back in the good ol' U.S. of A. Thanks again for all the support I received from the DW community. It really helps give you that extra 'umph' to get through the day. Cheers! Scott
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    DW 9000 series remote hi-hat stand differences

    Basically, what is the difference between the DW 9000 Hi Hat Remote found here: DW 9000 and the DW 9502LB Hi Hat Remote found here: DW 9502LB besides the obvious $60?
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    Bass Drum Mounted Floor Tom Tom... WHAT!?

    Maybe I'm slow at catching on, but recently in the video's I've been watching religiously I've noticed a new 'big thing'... I think. The video Bernhard posted about a month ago of Marco Minneman, there is what looks like a Bass Drum Mounted as a Tom Tom on his left side. Then on the Tony...
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    Guitars for Mommy!

    ok, so since I have been in Iraq I have missed my mother's Birthday as well as Christmas without sending her gifts. (I'm a horrible son, yes, I know), but I intend on making this up to her. Let me explain my mom real quick. She has played guitar for as long as I can remember, and she plays for...
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    General Discussion = Tab request thread? o.O

    I have noticed over the past several weeks there has been an increase in people coming into the General Discussion thread and asking for people to Tab things for them. While I have no problem assisting anyone in getting a part to a song down-pat. Please do not expect the members of the Drummer...
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    Music Schools

    I going to be getting out of the Army about a year after I get back (thanks to stop loss going away I'm no longer getting stuck into an Afghan rotation), and I'm going to school immediately after getting out. I've started looking at my options and have thus far come up short. My two options for...
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    What are your Drumming Prejudices?

    So you have the question, what is it that makes you look at someone and go 'psh, amatuer', without ever hearing them? i don't honestly think anyone has humbled themselves to the point that they absolutely don't do this anymore. so what does it for ya? for me, take the picture below. the...
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    It's cheaper to build your own.

    So if anyone has noticed anything I've said in the past few months, you already know I'm looking at getting a second set. I've been debating between Gretsch, DW, Pearl, Tama, Ludwig, DDrum, and on and on. Well, thanks to a post in this thread a few days ago I have been non-stop educating myself...
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    Wood Drum Hoops, please help!

    Hey everyone! I was just cruising the net when I came across some drums with wood hoops. This isn't the first time I've seen them, but honestly I don't know anything about them and I can't find too much on them. What do they add to the drum? Are they worth using? Which drums should they go on...
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    Cymbal Innovations

    I am a drummer for life, no questions about it, but what I really love are cymbals. Big ones, small ones, ones with holes, bent edges, hammered, lathed, and on and on and on! However, I had a brain storm last night about cymbals in general and really have put some thought into this over the last...
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    Akira Jimbo

    I did a search for this guy and didn't see any posts about him so i figured i would start one. I had heard alot about him for years but never actually sat down and watched him until today. Simply wow. First off, i've never seen a music box so that amazed me off the bat. Then to watch him play...
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    Ronnie Vannucci Jr from the Killers and his choice of Hats

    Below is an excerpt from a Modern Drummer interview with Ronnie Vannucci Jr from the Killers about his choice of hats on the "Day & Age" album. Hot Drums & 22" Hi-Hats? MD: Are we hearing your new Craviotto set on Day And Age? Ronnie: Yes, it’s all Craviotto. I was hung up on vintage gear for...
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    Jumping the Zildjian ship for... Meinl?

    Ok, so anyone who has read my posts knows that I am a die hard Zildjian fan, but I'm always up for more options. I had been hearing alot about Meinl cymbals for years now and finally decided to look them up. All I can really say is... WOW! I was stunned by all of the inovations Meinl is doing. I...
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    Good Drummers for new drummers to listen to

    Ok, recently a friend of mine at work came to me and started asking about drums. Long story short, I'm teaching him how to play now and he is literally eating up everything I can throw at him and asking for more. The guy has drive I have never seen. He's still learning the basics (we just moved...
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    Mic selection for recording drums

    Ok guys, this is an area that I am very new to. I have done a fair amount of research, but do not know enough to make a solid informed decision on. Basically, what mics do I need to get? If someone could break it down for me please. Such as, Large Diaphragm Cardoid mic for bass recommend Shure...
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    All hail King Bernhard!!

    Ok i have to be serious for a moment, this thread is for everyone to show their appreciation for Bernhard Castilioni. The man who made this site. I have only been a member here for a few short weeks, but I have gained more knowledge in these few weeks about drumming than I have in the years...
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    Pearl Session Studio kit

    Hi all! I'm writing this thread to let you all know what my kit is going to consist of (i'm very proud of it lol) and to see if anyone has any suggestions for me, or answers to my questions. I am serving in Iraq currently so I won't get to actually see my new babies until the end of May, but...
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    Zildjian ZXT, whats the deal?

    I keep running across Zildjian ZXT series cymbals all over the net. But I have never heard them. Can someone tell me what they are like? I have initially wrote these off because my first thought is ZBT. While ZBT are good, cheap, starte cymbals I have advanced beyond them and only by the actual...