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    Sharing Gear at Gigs with Other Drummers

    I’ll let others use my kick and toms, generally in my experience that’s the most your expected to share, I quite like it because it always get compliments on its sound and it only cost £130. when I’m using someone else’s kit I always take snare hardware inc pedals and cymbals, I wouldn’t expect...
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    Cheap or Expensive cymbals for Metal?

    Agree with the if you have to ask go B8. I know a few local gigging rock and metal drummers that use cheaper stuff because they either can't afford pro level stuff in the first place or break cymbals so frequently it's not worth paying for them. Check out a band called Bad Llama, their ep was...
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    How's my tuning?

    I've nearly got my new (to me) kit set up to my liking and I've been messing with the tuning trying to get it to sound good. I bought the pro drum tune app yesterday and gave the snare and FT a go over, I was going to get a tune bot but spend the cash on a new ride cymbal instead. How does...
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    Hardware bags - How long to go for?

    Hi All, Now I've got my drums and cymbals sorted out I need to get a hardware bag but I'm not sure how big to go. I'm not going to be out gigging on a thrice weekly basis or anything and money is tight so I've been looking at the cheaper padded bags to go with my lightweight stands. The only...
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    Re-buying drum gear, biggest bang for smallest buck?

    Hi All, I’m returning to playing after a 10 year break and as a result I have no gear at all. I’m expecting to play 2 or 3 main styles of music and I need one kit that will cope with all of it. The two main ones will be big band jazz and rock. I also need the kit to be able to be compact when...