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  1. jbonzo1

    Ludwig Flat Imperial lugs available

    For those of us who have asked for these lugs for years and then had to wait a year plus after Ludwig made them for the new Club Date line, they are finally available as parts!
  2. jbonzo1

    New Club Date finish

    Saw this on Ludwig's Facebook page. Club Date kit in Blue Oyster at Pasic 2016. Looks good. Hoping they offer all Classic Maple finishes for the CD's at NAMM.
  3. jbonzo1

    Calling evans specialist!

    Any info on the new UV1 heads? Will there be a Genera Dry version?
  4. jbonzo1

    Craviotto Drum Co. will continue...

    With Steve Maxwell at the helm.
  5. jbonzo1

    Paiste hat help

    I'm a Paiste newb and have a pair of 14" Signature Sound Edge hats. They are bright and cutting but I would like another option, warmer, darker with a bit less bite. Any suggestions? Looking for Paiste options at this time.
  6. jbonzo1

    Is Brady kaput?

    There's a thread at DFO about Brady Drums going away. Anyone hear anything about it?
  7. jbonzo1

    New Gretsch 3 ply Broadkaster line

    For the Gretsch-Heads...