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    Which Drums to Buy

    I recently purchased a set of the Sonor Vintage Series. Why? Because they are a recreation of the tear-drop Sonors I played in the late 60's and it was a nostalgia thing, plus I knew that a Sonor kit would be top notch in quality. I am extremely happy with the Sonors. I also have a Gretsch...
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    My truly horrendous Guitar Center experience!

    ***UPDATE*** After my bad experience last week attempting to purchase the Sonor Vintage set at the Jackson, Miss, GC location, I spent several days trying to locate another used WMP set or another color Vintage set at a price similar to that I agreed to with GC. I could not find a set so on...
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    My truly horrendous Guitar Center experience!

    Stores are closed.
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    My truly horrendous Guitar Center experience!

    Sorry - I don't mean on the Sonors in general - I meant give up on getting the ones at GC. I'll keep looking and score some eventually.
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    My truly horrendous Guitar Center experience!

    Thank you for you advice. Here is an additional frustrating thing - I can’t call the store. The store phones are all forwarded to the central GC customer service number. One of the customer service reps tried to contact the salesman and couldn’t. My only contact with the store is the email with...
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    My truly horrendous Guitar Center experience!

    Yes, I’m understanding of the fact we are not operating under normal circumstances. However, the salesman was quick to respond until it was time for him to follow thru on his promise to call me and place order - then things went sideways. And now, nothing!
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    My truly horrendous Guitar Center experience!

    I have been looking for a used Sonor Vintage kit in WMP. Found one at an out of state GC. Sent an email to the GC store making an offer at reduced price. Shortly thereafter, a guy from the out of state store responded with a counter offer and said if I “pulled the trigger” he would call me and...
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    Richard Bailey drums

    Agreed! I played Sonor teardrops in the late 60s and early 70s. I now own a set of Gretsch USA Customs and Ludwig Keystone X - I intend to acquire a Sonor Vintage Series set when I find a used one I like at a good price. Love that "Great Gretsch Sound" but I'm digging the Sonor sound too!
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    Richard Bailey drums

    Richard did respond to my inquiry. He plays Sonor Prolite in the US and Sonor Designer when in Europe. Love the sound of his drums and his playing - musical and an incredible groove.
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    Richard Bailey drums

    The lugs on the drums look like Sonor Prolite but the badges didn’t look like Sonor. Looking at performance at Estival and videos on YouTube. I did contact Richard using the link provided - thanks!
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    Richard Bailey drums

    Anyone know what brand drums Richard Bailey played one 2012-2014 era when playing with Steve Winwood? Thanks
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    Very First Kits

    Mid -60's in Pittsburgh, PA. My dad took me to a drum clinic where the presenter played a Gretsch 4-piece, blue satin flame kit (12, 14, 20). After the clinic, my dad talked to presenter and ended up purchasing that kit. We later moved back to Oklahoma where I found that my good friend had...
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    What size kick for rock / pop?

    I was out of the music scene for 25 years, so when I started playing again I purchased a Gretsch fusion set with 22 x 18 bass drum without much knowledge as to the state of drums in the modern era. I never made peace with the sound of that bass and spent a lot of time adjusting to try to get a...
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    24” bass drum versatility?

    I really like my 24 x 16 Ludwig Keystone X but I truly love my Gretsch USA 24 x 14! I play classic rock and both drums fit the bill.
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    Practice on ekit and gig on acoustic kit.

    I started practicing on an e-kit 6-7 years ago. It always bothered me that the whole neighborhood could hear when I played my acoustic drums and I certainly felt restricted as to the time that I could play. I like being able to practice at any time of the day or night and the fact it doesn't...
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    Looking for Gretsch New Classic Floor Tom

    I’m looking for a 16 inch New Classic floor tom In Merlot sparkle. Over the last few years, I’ve checked eBay and local Craigslist with no luck. Any ideas or suggestions on where to look? Thanks for any help
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    Question re heads supplied with Ludwig Keystone x Pro Beat

    I purchased a Ludwig Keystone X Pro Beat set a few weeks ago and it came with Ludwig stamped Remo heads. The heads provided for the 13 inch tom were an Emperor and an Ambassador. The heads for the 16 inch floor tom were both Ambassadors. Was this a mistake or is there a reason for the...
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    Pete Ray Biggin drum set

    Found pic but you have to look carefully at tom behind Mark King.
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    Pete Ray Biggin drum set

    Can anyone tell me the exact name of the finish on Pete Ray Biggin's drum set he's playing at Estival (Sweden?) while playing with Level 42. Is that finish still available? Thanks!