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  1. Tone Laborer

    Oh how I’ve changed

    "Lucky Man" doesn't have a hook or melody? News to me. Killer song; Lake's pure, rich vocals, an interesting marching, milataristic beat, befitting the story, and one of the best Moog solos in rock. It still holds up to me, better than most.
  2. Tone Laborer

    Attention all raw bell dry ride owners...

    I picked up a used HH 21 RBDR, and consider it one of my best purchases. I agree with Winston Wolf's description, and will only add to me it has a very balanced tone that slips right into its role in the song. Always pleasing.
  3. Tone Laborer

    Gretsch Renown vs USA Custom - worth the £1500+ difference

    66 hz batter/ 76 hz reso/ E fundamental, all according to the tune bot calculator app. Through the "fundamental" is never really correct, it seems.
  4. Tone Laborer

    Gretsch Renown vs USA Custom - worth the £1500+ difference

    I have square badge Renowns with die cast hoops, and no desire for better drums. About the only negative is the size and weight of the BD, but I don't have to move them much, especially these days. Sometimes I entertain the thought of cutting them down to 22x14, it'd be nice to fit through...
  5. Tone Laborer

    Best piece(s) of advice you've gotten from this forum?

    Renowns are quality drums, at an affordable price. Don't buy cheap cymbals. Overall, those two things helped me the most, but there's been lots of other good advice around here.
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    Womens love cowbells 2019

    You can thank, in part, Saturday Night Live and its iconic cowbell skit for making the cowbell infamous.
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    With the help of some green paint for the hair and beard, a vintage jacket, eyeliner and some white powder makeup, I was the Joker. Survived another one!
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    I thought this might be a thread about having to wear a costume for the Halloween gig, which is a yearly pain in the ass, for me. Tonight is no exception.
  9. Tone Laborer

    Drink holder for your drums anyone?

    I can applaud the ingenuity, and $12 saved, but I don't think a flimsy twisted coat hanger is exactly the same as the thicker, much more sturdy product it's copying, especially over time. And as Bermuda mentioned, it's kinda ugly. Whatever gets you through the night, though! A Swirly might be...
  10. Tone Laborer

    Drink holder for your drums anyone?

    I got a SwirlyGig for my mic stand after using a friends. A simple luxury, but I recommend it. It's damn nice not to have to bend over (twice) for every sip.
  11. Tone Laborer

    I watched Rocketman...

    I thought the movie was worth seeing. I enjoyed it more than a lot of movies. The movie held surprise. Those expecting a more linear, literal film will be disappointed. The band wasn't included because that wasn't the story they were telling. It wasn't intended to be a "straight" bio-pic, so...
  12. Tone Laborer

    Anyone else get discouraged selling on Craigslist because of all the flakes and low-ballers?

    I've gotten a long list, most, of my drum gear off CL, there's a lot of drummers, and wannabe drummers in this town. Renowns, Acro, Tama IC pedal, and a good set of used Zildjian and Sabian cymbals, accumulated over time. I've always been a no bullshit buyer. I thought I'd clean out some...
  13. Tone Laborer

    EPIC drum fills...

    Yep, La Grange My Woman From Tokoyo, intro fill Black Friday, intro Honky Tonk Woman
  14. Tone Laborer

    Fibes Drums

    The first set of drums I played , in the early 70s, was a friend's chrome Fibes kit. He still has them all these years later. Tommy's drum shop reissued them for awhile , known as the Austin Fibes. I know a guy that plays a set and they are gorgeous, both visually and sonically. It probably...
  15. Tone Laborer

    Is the Tama Iron Cobra pedal polarizing? Do you like it?

    No polarity issues with mine, I like it. I don't know all the variants. It's an older Power Glide HP900, no cobra coil, bought used. Slick adjustability, solid feel. Made me a better player vs. the cheaper pedal I was using. Money well spent. Drawbacks; the flexible clamp makes it slightly more...
  16. Tone Laborer

    Time to change heads?

    Is it possible to put the new heads on your own kit and move your kit's used heads over to the practice kit? 2 for 1!
  17. Tone Laborer

    13" K/Z hh vs 14" A Mastersound hh

    I have 2 sets of hats 13 Ks and 14 A Mastersounds dated from 2005. I don't have the bottom Z though. To my ears the A Mastersounds have a balanced and pure tone with good definition. I enjoy playing both sets.
  18. Tone Laborer

    Drilling new wrap?

    I did have the seam just after a lug, but still had some trouble with just the last 3/16 of an inch lifting slightly., after a time. I found the BD to be the most difficult. This was my first time, like any craft, I'm sure you improve with experience. I was doing it the winter, so I put a clamp...
  19. Tone Laborer

    Drilling new wrap?

    I did a Jammin Sams wrap on a 12, 16, and 22 BD using the space age, double sided tape. I recommend 3 things. Clamp the tape edge with a 2x4 and clamps for several days. Longer than they say. Otherwise the edges can lift after appearing to be stuck. When you drill, make sure the bit is the...
  20. Tone Laborer

    K vs. K Sweet? Opinions/help

    I recently played some 14 K sweet hats and thought they had a really unique and pleasing tone. I would describe as glassy attack without being overly bright. Very sweet indeed.