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  1. Tone Laborer

    Kenny Aronoff with John Fogerty

    Last Saturday morning the girl friend won 2 tickets for John Fogerty performing that night at the White Water Ampitheater, in the heart of the TX hill country, and the heat of a Texas summer night. We spent the afternoon in nearby Blanco, Tx at an arts festival, then cooled off with a dip in...
  2. Tone Laborer

    Exports to Gretsch Catalina maple, worth the upgrade?

    EDIT- I ended up picking up a set of gently used Renown Maples instead. There's a used Catalina maple 3 pc. shell pack currently available. 22x18, 12x9, 14x14. No tom mount. $375. Burgundy finish, the floor tom looks different , but might just be the photo. I'm on Pearl Exports now...
  3. Tone Laborer

    If drumming styles were in heading or signature.

    Am I the only one who would find it helpful? It would serve as instant context for someone's preferences and opinions which often seem linked to styles. I"m sure a lot of the regulars that have been here for years have come to know each other, but as mainly a searcher/ lurker / forum newb, if...
  4. Tone Laborer

    K Advice

    I’m stumbling my way through the maze of bronze, getting together my first set of cymbals, go easy on me! I’m finding what I like and what I don’t--like a blind man at the edge of the precipice, some missteps are inevitable, I suppose. I’m learning the truth of what...
  5. Tone Laborer

    This isn't really a Rogers, is it?

    [Edit-Faux Rogers has been replaced with a Pearl 12x9] Greetings from a forum newb. I picked this up as part of a package deal for a ridiculously low price. I have no real complaints, but was just curious if it is authentic. I have my doubts based on internet images. Some pertinent info; 13x10...
  6. Tone Laborer

    Old dog, new sticks.

    Hi, I’m Eddie from Austin. I’m old but I don't know it. I've put together a used Export kit from CL and I'm also a guitar player. Yes! That guy. I’ve logged a few decades in club bands(gtr/voc), but I'm not here to ask for pity. Greetings! Drum chops-- Between beginner and...