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  1. Bonzo_CR

    Category Leader

    Rather than using sales as a definition, what would your answers be if by 'leader' we say the company that is innovating most? On that basis my personal choices would be: Drums: DW just for the range of woods, plies, ranges etc (but I still don't own any!) Cymbals: Zildjian (only due to...
  2. Bonzo_CR

    The best drums for tuning high without choking?

    Maybe a thick shell would be less likely to choke. I have heard Jojo Mayer talk about tuning a snare head so high that the shell begins to deform! He was using a 25-ply snare at the time...
  3. Bonzo_CR

    One of our own

    Sorry to hear that. Sending good vibes... Hang in there Alain
  4. Bonzo_CR

    Looking for drum head suggestions for Yamaha Stage Custom Birch kit

    To avoid plasticky overtones on toms, you can choose coated heads which will soften the attack a little so they sound more 'rounded'. A few general thoughts about tuning for your kit: 1. Based on your description I think your Stage Custom is the current model, a birch kit. I have the same...
  5. Bonzo_CR

    Zildjian K Sweet Pack

    Agree. The K Sweet ride is a favourite of mine, and the crashes are great too. I would personally prefer 14" hats, but as a set this is very hard to beat!
  6. Bonzo_CR

    Sticking with sticks or switching sticks

    5A all the way for me, 27 years and counting. Zildjian or Promark are my favourites - they have a pretty similar feel and both feel just a tad lighter than VF et al. The Promark Active grip is nice too, it works well. Now and again I try other sizes or models but so far I have always...
  7. Bonzo_CR

    How light is too light for hi hat cymbals????

    I once bought a pair of 'vintage' Zildjian hats on eBay. They weighed 715g top and 755g bottom. (14 inch) I personally found them too light to function as HiHats. There was hardly any definition at all. I sold them within a month. YMMV
  8. Bonzo_CR

    Shortest possible driveshaft rod for double pedals?

    Or, approach it another way: I like my HiHat pedal close too, so I put the slave kick pedal outside it. For me this makes sense, as I spend more time with my left foot on the HH pedal anyway.
  9. Bonzo_CR

    My left hand is so slow

    I agree with this too. I do think muscles are a factor in terms of endurance and control. Right now I'm spending some time working on my left hand, partly by working on LH finger control and partly playing LH lead. I am really getting to know my limitations in both departments, neurological...
  10. Bonzo_CR

    My left hand is so slow

    Well said. This, more than anything else, has improved the quality of my practice in recent years.
  11. Bonzo_CR

    Do you have a feeling that you don't have to practice something that you have already mastered?

    In general when practicing I try to work on things that I can't already do, but there are many things I come back to: timekeeping, certain phrasing, etc. Also I tend to have phases where I'm working on something new, and phases when I'm just playing - but even 'just playing' has an element of...
  12. Bonzo_CR

    Cymbal dilemmas

    Nothing wrong with seeking out a different sound. Tastes change over time. I have a few different types of crashes and rides for this reason, some 'normal' and some more dry & trashy etc. I keep a mix on my kit, and change them depending on mood and the music of the band I'm playing with...
  13. Bonzo_CR

    Istanbul Agop Xist.....anyone use them?

    I don't use them myself, but I have played them and I think they are among the best value on the market. They sound to me a lot like Zildjian A's but cost much less.
  14. Bonzo_CR

    Are people hoarding their twenties?

    Not sure where you are based, but in Europe you can get a black 20 inch Stage Custom kick here:
  15. Bonzo_CR

    Zildjian A Custom vs Avedis Zildjian A Custom

    I believe this is the answer that the OP was looking for. The two pictured cymbals are the same line, it's just a change in graphics they made during the timeline. It occurs to me that it could be quite confusing if you haven't been watching all the changes over the years!
  16. Bonzo_CR

    Stage Custom BD Issue Resolved

    Good to hear. Always nice to get that kick dialled in :) It took me a few goes to find a combination for my 20" that I was happy with. I still have an EMAD to try, I may give that a go now.
  17. Bonzo_CR

    Testing a cymbal in person; Do you stick a finger in your ear?

    OK, I'm going to be the weird one here that agrees with this... When I try cymbals out in a store, I take earplugs along with me. I try the cymbals alongside some of my own. I only consider buying a cymbal if I like how it sounds with AND without earplugs (!) I started doing this a few...
  18. Bonzo_CR

    Intuitive time

    I had an experience a bit like this when I started working more with the metronome. I found that I had to sort of share my attention between listening to the click and playing - a bit like 'expanding my awareness' while playing. What I could play was sort of limited to what I could play in the...
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    Now if this doesn't ----

  20. Bonzo_CR

    Thoughts on a 20" vs. a 22" Bass Drum for Live Playing?

    I had a kit with a 20" kick about 25 years ago and then decided I preferred a 22" for rebound/ head tension, so I stuck with 22" kicks for many years. Then, a few years ago I also got a kit with a 16" kick for small gigs, spent a little time experimenting with heads and tuning, and learnt about...