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    Loved your vid btw, thanks for sharing. Looking toy-ish...yes I think that's the main reason for wanting to convert. I went to my local drum shop yesterday and had a go on a TD50. Although great fun to play and felt very solid it still felt like a big toy! And that's the flagship of E drums...
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    Thanks for this. I'll have a look :)
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    Ah I see. Thanks for explaining
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    Thanks for your advice. I was just looking at a Roland TD-17. Seems pretty cheap but can't see many outs on it... ?
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    With anything electronic I prefer to buy brand new knowing that I can have it on warranty if need be. I'm from the UK btw. I used to have a Yamaha DTX E-kit which was plagued with many issues and ended up sending bits back 3 times. With 2nd hand electronic stuff it's a bit of a gamble ;) Also...
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    Hi all I'm thinking about converting one of my small kits to an e kit and just seeking some advice. I already have some roland triggers and some remo silent stroke heads (way too bouncy) so just ordered some drum-tec mesh heads. I also have a roland spdsx to run it though although I use it...
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    Triggering Drums with SPDSX

    Hi fellow drummers! I was asked do do a wedding gig recently where there were noise limiters in place (yes those horrid things) so they requested electric drums. Since I no longer own electric drums (just a Roland SPDSX) I decided to purchase some Roland triggers and Remo silent stroke heads...
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    Vintage Ludwigs for Sale (UK)

    Hi All Selling my beloved vintage Ludwigs. Feel free to get in touch if you're interested or pass it on to anyone you think might be interested... Many thanks Paul...
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    Ludwig 400 Supraphonic serial?

    Hi drummers. Can anyone help? I've just purchased a Ludwig 400 (new) but there is no serial on it. Is this normal? Normally the numbers are on the badge but there isn't any. This isn't some Chinese copy is it? I bought it from a reputable dealer so hopefully not. I look forward to your...
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    Everlong - Foo Fighters

    Ok this will be my last vid for a while and probably the last cover I'll ever upload. But here it is for anyone who fancies having a watch... "I didn't realise until now how many drummers on youtube have put up this song so apologies...
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    Soundtrack and Bass riff drumming

    Hey fellow drummers! :) Just a couple of vids I put up the other day of me drumming to a soundtrack type tune I created and a simple bass loop/riff... for anyone who cares to have a listen. Bass loop and Soundtrack type thing...
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    Hi hat tambourine

    Hi all. I've after a hi- hat tambourine (or ching ring). The trouble is I have very little rod space (my clutch practically sits at the top) so something you can fit between the clutch or just rest on top of the hats would be ideal. Like this: I...
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    Slayer - War Ensemble (Single Bass Version)

    It's a bit of a contrast from my last upload (a Bee Gees cover) but I guess that's the beauty of having an eclectic taste in music Yes I know it's not the same without double bass but by playing alternating 16ths between the right...
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    Stayin' Alive (drum cover)

    Here's another one... I have a huge soft spot for the Bee Gee's and sadly this is the closest I'll ever come to performing with them... I think one of the hardest and most important things to do as a drummer is to play simply and consistently while just concentrating on trying to keep...
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    Island Magic (Dave Weckl) performed by Paul Stone

    I used to practise to Contempory Drummer +1 on an E kit I had back in the 90's and I always found this song to be the most challenging of the package. Some 18 odd years and another E kit later I thought I'd dig it out again and have another go... PS...
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    5/4 Drum Independence Exercise

    This is an exercise more than anything but it can also be used musically. Inspired by the song 'The Grudge' by Danny Carey from Tool it's basically playing 5 strokes with the right hand but missing out the last note and filling it in with a pattern on the left (if that makes any sense). At the...
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    NIN 1,000,000 drum cover by Paul Stone

    Found the separate tracks for this (seems to be a lot going about since 'Rock band' so what you're hearing are just the drum sound from a Yamaha DTX540K triggering toontracks Music City USA library. Will be posting many more in the...
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    E drums with Superior Drummer

    Hi all I'll hopefully be getting an E kit next week and plan on running it through toontracks superior drummer. Just wondered what the easiest way to get it set up would be. Is it essential to go through an audio interface or is there a way of running the midi from the drum brain straight...