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  1. STXBob

    Entire forum marking itself "read"

    This happens consistently to me. If I spend the time to write a thoughtful post longer than a Tweet, the whole forum marks itself "read." How can I prevent this? Is there a setting somewhere in the User CP? Or do I just need to go read all the threads since my last visit before commenting on...
  2. STXBob

    Gibraltar flat-base hardware - THUMBS UP

    Got a set of these at Dale's about a week ago. 3 straight cymbal stands, hi-hat stand, and snare stand. I wanted to lighten my hardware load and improve the vintage-y aesthetic of my setup, but retain the sturdiness of my heavy, double-braced Pearl stands. I'm happy to report success on all...
  3. STXBob

    True story.

  4. STXBob

    Playing with other people... apparently good for you. :-)
  5. STXBob

    Single released!

    I've known the leader of this band since rocks were soft, something like 30 years. He has blossomed into a good songwriter and hella performer. Roy and his band, The Wreckers, released their first single today. He asked me to do drums on this song. Here's the kicker: No click. All of us in the...
  6. STXBob

    Death Metal meets I'm A Little Teapot \m/ >_< \m/
  7. STXBob

    DW Ultralight 6000 hardware

    ...anybody using it? Seen it up close? Lightening my hardware case is always awesome, and I love the look of flat-base stands. It looks the thing for me, and the prices are right, but I'd like some real-world assessment and input before I plunk down the hard-earned.
  8. STXBob

    I can't breathe...

    ...I'm laughing so hard. I'm sure everyone has seen this before, but I'm serious - I can hardly type I'm laughing.
  9. STXBob

    From an album I played on

    It's my first time posting my playing on here, so be nice, will you? :-D If you like the track, please consider the rest of the album: Dave...
  10. STXBob

    Signets on sale

    Signets on sale - talk me in or out of it. For those who might be interested: Wandered into the Harrisburg, PA Guitar Center yesterday and saw a Ludwig Signet 3-pc shell pack in ebony for $549. 12" rack, 14" floor, 20" kick. If I had the dosh I would have launched on it. I could use a smaller...
  11. STXBob

    Cheap Stuff at Target

    Just took a swing through my local Target store. They had 4x6 "dorm carpets" at 50% off, which translates to $7.99 - guess who got a new gig carpet? At that price, it can get beer spilled on it. And since it's 100% poly, if it gets too nasty I can hit it with the garden hose. They also have...
  12. STXBob

    Cymbal angles?

    No, not tom angles. There's already a thread for that. Like many of us, I sometimes fall down "cool drum video" rabbit holes on Youtube. I twigged to something yesterday: People are starting to angle their stuff away from them. Anike Nilles has it in this video, for example. I saw an ad in...
  13. STXBob

    SPL Street Bop - anybody played one?

    I just noticed this crop up: Yeah, it's a Sound Percussion. But the video has me wondering. It looks like a rebadged Premier APK Heritage Bop. For the price, it's really...
  14. STXBob

    Stolen gear prevention tool?

    This just flashed past me on Facebook. Maybe it's useful? I know there are a lot of folks on here who have suffered gear loss to theft. Forgive me if this is in the wrong forum. If it is, kindly move it.
  15. STXBob

    Yet another way Bermuda is famous

    Wasn't sure if you knew about this. Haven't read the book yet, though my wife is reading it now. I'll let you know if you die or not. :-P
  16. STXBob

    Jazz Festival? HA!

    Since this is only dimly related to drumming specifically, and more toward the music business, I thought I'd post it here rather than in General Discussion. Warning: Rant with profanity follows. Take a look at this link. That'll show you the lineup for the New Orleans Jazz Festival. Featured...
  17. STXBob

    Got the shakes

    I've got a big weekend coming up. Tomorrow, a gig with a band that grew out of our regular Thursday open mic/jam evening. Saturday, a gig with a band formed around a well-known solo artist. Tomorrow: Classic cover band covers. Saturday: Country, with some Buffett mixed in. Rehearsals: Few...
  18. STXBob

    Part source help

    I'm in the process of removing the hardware from my kit so I can get the awful red wrap off it and refinish the drums. I'd also like to "virginize" the kick. I've seen plates which are designed to cover the Pearl-type double tom mount holes in the bass drum. Trouble is, I can't find the...
  19. STXBob

    NFL Asks Musicians for Money to Play Super Bowl Read more:

    Related to gig discussions I've read here in the past. I am stunned rigid. It's like what I understand the UK pub scene is like, just writ large. Thoughts? P.S. Coldplay should be charged. [shudder]...