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  1. lsits

    Look what fell into mt lap.

    About a month ago I got together with an old friend and a couple of his friends to jam. When I was packing up my stuff he brought in this old Gretsch 4160 and said that I could have it. It's from the early 60's with the smooth shell and the round badge. I think it originally came with the micro...
  2. lsits

    Cymbal choke

    What are the techniques that you use regarding cymbal chokes? things like placement of the stick in the choking hand, placement of the choked cymbal, etc. I have found that if I place the crash cymbal in a comfortable position for hitting with a stick, I have to lean out three or four inches to...
  3. lsits

    Is there such a beast?

    I've spent the past two day re-arranging my drum space. My audio hook-up is a hadge-podge of a metronome on my phone, and an mp3 player. Outputs are to a set of headphones, and also to a set of powered PA speakers. Whenever I want to change either the inputs or outputs, I disconnect and...
  4. lsits

    One more week!

    Til I get to see Bermuda and that other guy that he works with in concert. Anybody else here (besides Bermuda) going to the show in Palm Desert. According to the interwebs, The McCallum Theatre only holds 1,200 So I'll be nice and close.
  5. lsits

    Memorial Day.

    I proudly served in the U.S. Navy in Patrol Squadron 9. Here's an incident that happened when I first got to the squadron: While this happened at the height of the Cold War, the whole crew would have perished had it not been for a Russian fishing trawler.
  6. lsits

    14x6.5 Yamaha Stage Custom steel snare drum.

    Just received my Guitar Center Memorial Day flyer and noticed that the 14 x 6.5 Yamaha Stage Custom steel snare is on sale for $100. I think that the regular price is $140. If I didn't already have a steel snare (Chad Smith 14 x 5) I'd take a serious look at this one.
  7. lsits

    "New" pedal case.

    Well, my Pearl P930 pedal didn't come with a carrying case. I was in the process of tossing out some old boxes and came across an old laptop box. I got an idea: I took off the plastic handle, cut a couple of holes in the box the pedal came in, added a couple of pieces of velcro, and I have a...
  8. lsits

    I'm a llucky guy!

    A couple of months ago I was jonesing (do people still say that?) for a new snare drum. I had almost enough gig money saved up to buy a Pork Pie Big Black snare. Before I could pull the trigger I started having problems with my bass drum pedal. Well a new pedal was more important than a new...
  9. lsits

    2016 NAMM report: second tier cymbals.

    I'm hesitant to call these cymbals second tier because they were very good quality. They just weren't part of the big three (Zildjian, Sabian, Paiste). I spent quite a bit of time at NAMM 2016 checking out cymbals from Soultone, Dream, Masterwork, Bosphorus, and Istanbul. I also wanted to check...
  10. lsits

    My Amazon journey

    First a little background. Having two kits, one set up at home and one in bags ready to travel, I only needed to grab the crash cymbals and my hi-hats (plus the throne) when I used the packed up kit for rehearsals or gigs. Lately I've been rehearsing with a 60's tribute band so I decided to set...
  11. lsits

    Really sore shoulder

    So I noticed a slight pain in my right shoulder when I lift my arms over my head (which I sometimes have to do for work). I went to the doctor today and they took some x-rays. He tells me that I have a calcium build-up and gives me a cortisone injection. So far so good. Well after a bit of lunch...
  12. lsits

    Technical question......Song endings

    What do you call the ending to a song where everyone just wails for about 15 or 20 seconds before a final cymbal crash? I've heard them referred to as concert endings, flourishes, and free-for-alls (ok, I made that last one up). I'd like to expand my repertoire of these watchamacallits...
  13. lsits

    Business cards.

    A quick question for the professional and semi-professionals out there. Where do you order your business cards from? I've been checking online and the designs that are drum themed are are not very plentiful and, in my opinion, pretty lame. I'm looking for a simple design that tells people that...
  14. lsits

    Sensitive drummer?

    My surf band played at a birthday party this past weekend. The guitarist in the band and two of his friends were turning 64 within a two-week period. After we played a group of people who play at a Tuesday afternoon jam session at the American Legion in Newport Beach got up to play. They usually...
  15. lsits

    Epic 500th post.

    Well, it's my 500th post, but you'll probably want to look elsewhere if you're looking for epic. I just wanted to thank everyone on DRUMMERWORLD for contributing to my evolution as a drummer. Special thanks go out to Bernard for creating the site.Thanks also to Bermuda, Masoni , Bo, and other...
  16. lsits

    Please welcome my latest addition.

    The company where I (ostensibly) work announced a couple of weeks ago that we had met our production and quality goals for the last quarter and that we were were eligible for an incentive bonus. As you can guess my GAS started acting up and I got to thinking about obtaining a new snare drum...
  17. lsits

    Seven dollar hi-hat upgrade

    Just picked these up at Guitar Center. I'm not sure how much they affect the sound (probably not much) but the hats feel more solid and there's less of a tendency for the cymbals to move fron side to side.
  18. lsits

    Well, that didn't take long....

    When Yamaha announced at NAMM that they were upgrading the Stage Custom line I knew that there would be some clearances blowouts in the works. Just saw this at the Musicians Friend web site...
  19. lsits

    Question about "free" tablet apps.

    I received a Kindle Fire for my birthday. Being born in the dark ages, I'm not really up to speed on apps for it. I want to download a metronome app. I see free apps and apps that cost $.99, $1.99 and up to $4.99. My question concerns the free ones. Are they really free or do they have pop-up...
  20. lsits

    Shawn Pelton to Yamaha?

    I realize that this doesn't quite compare to the Vinnie leaving Ludwig brouhaha, but here goes: I was fortunate to see The Eagles this past week in Los Angeles. The opening act was called J.D. and the Straight Shot. I thought I recognized the drummer and sure enough he was introduced as Shawn...