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    Wood Hoop Tom Project

    Hey all, I just bought an old 14" Slingerland wood hoop tom. I haven't measured the depth but it's probably 9-10". Its got one set of eight lugs around the centre of the shell and tension rods that run through them to tune the top and bottom heads simultaneously. It has maple re-rings, thin...
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    Professional Drummers Alert - The bar has been set

    I hope I'm not breaking any forum rules here as the ad and video are for someone other than myself. Given he is a professional seeking employment and is for hire, any exposure is good exposure right? Please read the whole craigslist ad first...
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    Can't tune my 16" floor tom

    Just finished overhauling an old kit I bought and spent some time tuning them. Everything seemed to go pretty well but I just can seem to tune my 16" floor tom as low as I want it to be. I put only a new batter on the 16". The 12" tuned no problem and was hard to make sound bad but the 16...
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    Drum re-wrap project...a little different

    Drum re-wrap project...Pics of Finished Kit Just started playing with a new band and do not want to gig or even move my Starclassics so I have been looking for a new kit. Thought about the new Silverstar line from Tama but was discouraged by the 1.6mm hoops. They are really thin, like razors. I...
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    Show us your tiny kits

    Here's my tiny kit. I've shown it before but... Soon to be assembled with a proper bass drum, tiny kit meets 16" bass drum build:
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    16" Bass Drum Build

    Hey there, just thought you guys might like to see the project I'm working on as I go. I'm building a 16" bass drum from a floor tom shell to serve as my mobile kick. I found a brand new 16" floor tom from my local music shop that had been disassociated from it's original kit. It was complete...
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    Keller Shells In Canada?

    Hey there, does anyone know of a distributer in Canada that sells unfinished Keller...or similar type shells, hardware etc to do home build projects? I know there's lots in the US, but the border can be a pain sometimes.
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    New Cobras

    Apparently I'm not the only one who's excited about the new Iron Cobras. What will happen when my six piece Tama Starclassic Bubinga kit shows up?