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    New kit! Sonor Signature

    So my church finally decided to upgrade from an old export kit to a pro kit. I and the other two drummers sat down and found this on the national (norwegian) used market on the web. Got it in yesterday and man, that signature kit is unbeliveable! Especially the snare (14x8)! Sizes are 12x12...
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    First drum kit stories!

    Everybody, lets tell some first kit stories! I think it's very funny. Sometimes somebody get a crappy used kit, like Chris Adler (totally random example), or a really nice set. Share your stories! I'll start: My first kit was a Pearl Target set with 18" bass drum and a 13" snare. 10/12/14...
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    Support your local music store!

    I get the impression that many of you guys get almost all of your gear over the internet, mostly because the array in the stores is too small or the prices are a little bit higher. Guys, support your local music store! If the store doesn't have what you want, then make them order it for you. I...
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    Any new cymbals for christmas?

    Anyone who got some new cymbals for christmas? Me myself got a gift card on about 150 dollars (1000 NOK), at the local music store! I will use it on a 16" Ziljdian ZXT Rock crash. (did a similar post in the drum forum)
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    Any new kits for christmas out there?

    I wonder if there are some happy drummers out there who have got some new kits for christmas! Me myself got a gift card on about 150 dollars (1000 NOK, and instruments are more expensive in Norway) at the local music store!
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    How many drum kits have you owned?

    Something I wonder about. I'm 17 and still use my first kit, a cheap one, making it sound as good as possible. How many kits have you guys owned? How many do you use now? How many kits did you have before you got a professional one (if you have gotten one)? To say how old you are can make sense...