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    Help me identify these Meinl cymbals Plz! Video inside

    What's up fellow drummers? I've been watching Ramon Sampson ever since he won the GC drumoff a couple years ago. He has been playing Meinl cymbals for a while now and I love the sound of them. Only problem is, I have no idea which exact cymbals he is using. Check out this youtube video and let...
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    new church, new drum, live sound!

    Well the time has finally come and our church building's construction is complete. I was allowed to purchase a new Mapex Saturn (pics coming soon!) and new mics. The down side is that I am confined behind a plexi glass drum cage. The cage is also prewired with 6 XLR inputs which run directly to...
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    HHX Evo's Vs. Paiste 2002

    I've been playing Sabian's for the last 10 years and I'm very familiar with the HHX evo line (favorite in Sabian's line up). I recently ran across some Paiste 2002's and I love the sound of those as well. The only problem is that I know nothing about Paiste! Which would you guys choose? I know...
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    Mapex Saturn vs. DW Performance

    I am about to purchase one of these drumsets and I wanted to know what my fellow colleagues would prefer and why. I know both kits are maple and are in the same price range. Thanks in advance for your opinions!