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  1. Ian Ballard

    Wow! I just got a call from Efrain Toro!

    So, I got into his teaching through the Drum Channel, watching his master class on "rhythm". Efrain has taught lots of "famous" guys, such as Terry Bozzio. The videos blew my mind with his very esoteric and unique way of relating nature, vibration, waves to rhythm.... things that I have always...
  2. Ian Ballard

    Why do folks use "handles" on a musician forum instead of their real name?

    I can understand, in general, why people would want to maintain a level of anonymity online, for security and privacy reasons but on a musician forum, where many of us are trying to get our names out there, I'm a little confused. I'm not trying to belittle folks for their decision to not use...
  3. Ian Ballard

    Lead singers who like to use our bass drums as a leg rest...

    ...are instantly fired. How often has this happened to you and how do you tolerate it? I don't.
  4. Ian Ballard

    DW "Hardcore" bass drum beater... Opinions?

    I'm kinda of falling out of love with my felt Iron Cobra beaters and my right-side beater is worn almost to the plastic so I need to replace it. I've been doing some research and I'm wanting a really LIGHT beater with a great tone at all dynamic levels. The DW Hardcore beater looks really...
  5. Ian Ballard

    Traditional Grip Addicts Anonymous. Members Apply Here!

    I am Ian Ballard. I am Traditional Grip addict. It all started when I was 3 and my mom, a former marching band player, put the stick in my left hand... the traditional way. I made attempts over the years to completely switch to matched. I obsessed with Grohl, Baker, Bonham, Simon Phillips...
  6. Ian Ballard

    My Facebook Music Page... "LIKE" please. Please "LIKE" my music page. I appreciate it, everybody!!
  7. Ian Ballard

    Some ideas.
  8. Ian Ballard

    "Everyone Should Bleed" Minds Under Cover

    First I'll warn that the audio is rough; the camera's mic sucks and this is the best version of this cool song that I have. This is from my old collaboration with John "Lethal-D" Bersuch's band Minds Under Cover. He wrote the drum part on a drum machine and is a doozy to play. The song's...
  9. Ian Ballard

    Recent gig. CHECK IT OUT!!

    Lethe: "Mother Milk Eyes" Recent gig I played. I'll post the other three songs we recorded. We only got two practices in beforehand and I think it turned out OK. Opinions are welcome!
  10. Ian Ballard

    RIP, Jimmy Carl Black (The Indian of the Group) Jimmy passed away peacefully last night Saturday 11/01/08 at 11:00 o'clock pm. Jimmy says hi to everybody and he doesn't want anybody to be sad. Jimmy was the original drummer in The Mothers of Invention. Years ago, his group The Grandmothers came to The Grand...