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  1. Hewitt2

    What's the one exercise you are doing right now that's having the biggest impact on your playing?

    Right on! Along the same lines, getting enough sleep, being well-hydrated and eating right provide similar benefits.
  2. Hewitt2

    What are you listening to right now?

    This album legitimately frightens me. Tony Williams plays like a demon possessed. John McLaughlin is an absolute wizard throughout. One of the few albums where the title perfectly encapsulates what is going on (Emergency!)
  3. Hewitt2

    What Artist did you worship, but no longer listen too?

    A number of prog rock bands, many of which I used to worship as The GREATEST or MOST TALENTED BAND Of All TIME (Dream Theatre and Rush especially) in my teens and early 20s. While I still love prog rock (Genesis is my fave rock band of all time) much of the genre is overwrought and devolves into...
  4. Hewitt2

    Are YouTube videos helping to create an ADD society?

    Interesting thoughts. No disrespect to any of you but other than complaining, hand-wringing, and/or collectively pearl-clutching, are any of you being the change or doing anything to steer the world in the direction you feel it needs to go? COVID to me revealed the ugly underbelly of humanity...
  5. Hewitt2

    Examples of a 14x8 Snare in a Mix?

    Robert Plant - Principle of Moments album. Phil Collins used a 14 x 8 pearl birch snare for that session.
  6. Hewitt2

    Are you still happy?

  7. Hewitt2

    Wish list 2021...

    Great list - I have the 18” AA Thin and it’s part of my core cymbal collection. Its expressive and bright but has a quick sustain with no funky overtones. I use it for everything and it can stand on its own with only a ride and hi-hats if needed. Very versatile and musical that you can find...
  8. Hewitt2

    Wish list 2021...

    More drum lessons with professional drummers I admire. Some of my best lessons have been hearing their experiences on what motivates them, how they practice, struggles they experienced, etc. that have nothing to do with getting technical insights. Honestly, drum lessons are way more valuable...
  9. Hewitt2

    Are you still happy?

    I hope you’re right. As I type this I am staring across at my neighbours who are having a grand old time dining and entertaining a large group of people (seniors too). Given where we are at re COVID, it shocks me that people can continue to be this selfish and be ok with potentially throwing...
  10. Hewitt2

    PDP CX Series

    I have a set of the Mexican PDP CX in my practice space and they sound awesome. You get that DW sound for a fraction of the price. Even the snare sounds good (love it cranked for that old school funky vibe). Very well made and solid. My only slight irritation is that the floor Tom is slightly...
  11. Hewitt2

    Cymbal prices creeping up.

    Great reminders. Now if I could only get some repairs done for this rusty old flux capacitor...
  12. Hewitt2

    Cymbal prices creeping up.

    For sure - another 2008 mega crash is looming. Way too many banks have their assets tied to over-valued homes.
  13. Hewitt2

    Assuming one higher pitched crash cymbal and one lower pitched crash cymbal

    yup - there’s an internal logic and consistency to his crash choices across the whole album. His playing is much more deliberate and compositional than might appear at first glance.
  14. Hewitt2

    Cymbal prices creeping up.

    Or borrowing more than ever... Or flipping houses more than ever... Or that mortgage demand is being driven by existing homeowners who are leveraging equity in their existing homes and crowding out prospective first-time buyers.... The reality is that the activity is not proportionate and...
  15. Hewitt2

    Assuming one higher pitched crash cymbal and one lower pitched crash cymbal

    Listen to Phil Rudd throughout the entire Back in Black album for a master class on which song parts merit which cymbal treatment. Like so many things drum-related the answer is in the music. 👍
  16. Hewitt2

    Traditional methods for teaching hand technique (take 2)

    A full rebound stroke teaches you to play off the drum. It’s a necessary component to learning basic technique but as Odd-Arne indicates, it’s only one part of a greater whole of sticking heights. Sounds like you never learned half or low strokes which provide lower volume options. Many of the...
  17. Hewitt2

    Best piece of critical criticism you've ever received about playing?

    - "Your time sucks" - "You need to start to listen to others when playing in a band. It sounds like you are soloing in a practice room." - "You crash way too loudly." I'm all for radical candor. The unvarnished truth leaves no room for ambiguity.
  18. Hewitt2

    Want a snare drum? Have some extra money to spend?

    Seller might be hoping for someone to leverage this hopelessly deluded logic: "I negotiated him down to 20k and got it 50% off the list price. I got an awesome deal..."
  19. Hewitt2

    Are you still happy?

    LOL I’m in lockdown now so the search is on pause. But you’ve given a great idea for a new COVID bucket list item 😀
  20. Hewitt2

    Continuing On With The Counting Discussion and How It Applies to Fills

    The obvious answer is to play slowly and get it down cleanly until you slowly up the BPM. you may also want to use reading materials like syncopation or modern reading text to ensure you can count quarters when your hands are doing something else or syncopating. The more you count the easier...