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  1. Trip McNealy

    Must.....resist.... more drums... (Inside: Gretsch Renown RN2 Exclusive)

    Oh man, I just bought a whole new set of golf clubs and now 'casually' browsing Sweetwater after GearFest, came across this set. Real nice color, 7-ply maple with 30 degree edges. RN2 has had good reviews here on DWorld. Even comes with a virgin 22x14 kick and the perfect amount and sized...
  2. Trip McNealy

    New TAMA drums and live bits

    I have always enjoyed the fit and finish of TAMA products but never owned a full kit and hardware, outside of owning a 14x6" Bubinga SLP snare drum. I had a long conversation with a late coworker a long time ago about drums and drum companies, and he kind of planted the seed in my ear to get a...
  3. Trip McNealy

    Question about chaining mixer boards together

    Here's an example situation at a live venue where there's no sound guy/gal to run the main board but it's there for you to use and it's out of reach from behind the kit or other band members. Nevermind getting up and sitting down multiple times to adjust the volume. Purely technical question...
  4. Trip McNealy

    Genuine Ludwig parts - ATLAS and Lugs

    I am eagerly anticipating delivery of my new (well new to me) Ludwig Classic Maple kit! It was made in 2013 so I'm not sure how you tell if it has the Large or the Mini Classic lugs on it but I'm guessing by pictures of present and past Classic kits within the past 3-4 years of the same size...
  5. Trip McNealy

    Mounting crash off a hi-hat stand?

    Anyone have real-road experience mounting say, a 16-18" crash cymbal off their hi-hat stand? I have a TAMA 200-series 3-leg hi-hat stand which you can consider medium-weight and can rotate the legs around to my needs. I use 16" K Light Hats on that stand. This picture below shows exactly what...
  6. Trip McNealy

    Sub for live sound

    Hey guys, I'm looking to upgrade from my Roland KC-550 (which has been great so far for small gigs with my Roland V-drums) and I'm relegating that back to my home studio. So moving forward, I'd like to get some more firepower out there for my live sound while remaining relatively compact and...
  7. Trip McNealy

    So it's my turn to have a band quandry..

    I'll try to keep it as brief as possible, but I felt the need to ask the community here for some insight and advice. I've been thinking a lot about this slowly over the past several months, and usually when I do things like this, it means it's bothering me and is not making me entirely content...
  8. Trip McNealy

    New tracks from a side project!

    I am proud to share a side project I was involved in with some members of one of my original bands, named Hupson Street. The group consists of myself on all drums and percussion, the two guitarists and bassist from the other original band we're in together, two of our female friends on vocals...
  9. Trip McNealy

    Good Times Bad Times cover

    Led Zeppelin - Good Times Bad Times Here's a small video capture of my band Mid-Life Crisis playing one of our usual venues in the area. I don't have the kit mic'd at all and I think our friend took it with one of those point-and-shoot cameras, so not the best sound quality. I wish she got...
  10. Trip McNealy

    Powered PA speakers for kick drum live

    Anyone currently using something like a Mackie Thump 15, Kempton Audio, Beheringer, etc for projecting their kick drum during live gigs? The PA system that my one guitarist brings, we only run the vocals through it since it's not the greatest PA and last time we ran my kick through it, it...
  11. Trip McNealy

    Get funked up

    My newest video of a funk play along. I like the "Shaft" style intro and I played a funky Fatback style beat where appropriate. Please enjoy and watch some of my other stuff if you desire!
  12. Trip McNealy

    Some more video

    I recently did a play along from the Vic Firth site... what great content they have to play along with! Hope you like it. If you get a chance, you can also see two other videos on my channel where I describe my kit I use in the videos. Enjoy!
  13. Trip McNealy

    Another "Check out my band's new album!" thread

    Hehehe, yea I've finally got my own to share. It's my one band CHARM FACE and our demo EP comprised of 7 songs. We have free streaming setup on our website with all of the songs. Of course, I'm the drummer! I recorded all songs at a studio in Hoboken, NJ on the studio-owned 4-pc DW...
  14. Trip McNealy

    Ahhh, new heads!

    It's like getting new tires on your car lol... Went from Evans G2 Clears to the Coated version this time around on batter.. still got G1 clear as resonants.. definitely warmer, especially on my 10" tom. Snare has the Coated PC Rev Dot, great head. Please enjoy. The old clears, much...
  15. Trip McNealy

    First time studio drumming

    I found an online ad of a local band wanting a drummer to record some tracks for their demo album soon. Naturally I seized the opportunity and contacted them via email and I've got the job. I haven't discussed logistics or anything else formally YET but I'm talking to them soon. I would...
  16. Trip McNealy

    Cajon vs Djembe

    My band and I have been playing more open mics at small cafes and restaurants lately, where full drum kits and such are a little overkill. Sometimes I can get away with just a kick, snare, hi-hat but I want to explore the possibility of getting a cajon or a djembe as a replacement for all that...
  17. Trip McNealy

    New drum, simple head suggestion

    I just picked up an 18x16 floor tom that was converted with legs into a kick drum. It has Pinstripes with lots of foam adhered to the inside on the batter and a clear Ambassador on the resonant. I feel like switching them out, any recommendations? I will be using this solely as a kick drum...
  18. Trip McNealy

    Playing an open mic 2moro night, gear question

    My band is playing an Open Mic session at a restaurant/cafe tomorrow evening and it's the first of it's kind.. we're usually used to playing at bars with stages or private parties, where we have the environment to play louder. This restaurant is sizable though, I'd say 2.5-3x the size of your...
  19. Trip McNealy

    Pat Petrillo's new Ludwigs!

    The other day at drum lessons, I mentioned to Pat, "Hey when you doing the Ludwig photo shoot?" So he said go ahead and get some pre-shoot photos for now! Pardon the low-quality, even the iPhone 3G still has a sucky camera. And as for the sound... oh boy, you have to be there to really...
  20. Trip McNealy

    Bigger is better?

    So anyone a fan of bigger crash cymbals lately? I'm talking 18" and above? I've definitely noticed that cymbal makers are catering towards bigger crashes and rides in many lineups. But I'm not one to 'follow the herd' and I develop and choose cymbals on the sounds I want and projection I...