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  1. pgm554

    Mapex Saturn walnut V

    Just played one at the local GC. Nice finish,great tone and solid build. $2100 bucks for a 5 piece shell pack. It hits all the check marks. I would like chrome die cast trim and rims and a shallower BD ,but for what it is sonic wise,a no brainer.
  2. pgm554

    extended snare ,snare drums?

    What ever happened to all the extended snare ,snare drums? fibes ,Ludwig,Tama ,Pearl ,Slingerland all had these types of snares. Now as far as I can tell ,there's not a modern snare (not counting marching snares)that fits the bill.
  3. pgm554

    Allan Dawson on an acrylic Fibes bopkit?

    @33 minutes
  4. pgm554

    New Tama Artwood birch snare <$200

    Played one at GC the other day. 10 lugs ,reverse flanged hoops,USA Evans heads ,red mahogany finish. I can find nothing wrong with this snare. Great build ,finish ,very sensitive and a nice loud crack if needed. It does everything at the very highest of levels. My only issue would be lack of...
  5. pgm554

    Worst expensive snare you've ever owned?

    My personnel nominee is this Yamaha 9000 which I owned back in the day. The over engineered throw was a mess to tune and always rattled or buzzed no matter the heads or tuning. I thought it was a bargain when i bought it back in the 80's ,but couldn't get it out the door fast enough after a...
  6. pgm554

    Aluminum snare 14 inch die cast hoops

    Found two pairs of new ones out on Ebay for $70 bucks. Looks like there's a company over in China selling direct. Considering one is about $125 retail ,we're talking $500 bucks worth of hardware for $70 delivered.
  7. pgm554

    GC having a 20% off sale

    GC is having a 20% off sale on all DW products. Unlike many other stores that won't let you go below MAP on their site,it actually deducts the $20% off in the cart. Thinking about picking up their Truesonic wood at $609 bucks. $191 cheaper than a new Rogers wood Dyna.
  8. pgm554

    Happy Bastille Day eh?
  9. pgm554

    Cascio flash sale

    Got an offer for 22% of anything over $299 today. Not one item I tried to buy would take the coupon. We're talking Paiste,Sabian,Zildjian ,Tama ,Pearl,Yamaha and DW just to name a few. After about 20 minutes of shopping ,I just gave up. Why don't they just send a short list ,cause as far as I...
  10. pgm554

    Amazon Remo hazy snare head sale.

    Amazon Remo hazy snare head sale. $7.31 per 14" head. About half the price of other online stores. The catch is you must spend at least $25 bucks. I got 4 heads including shipping for $31.80
  11. pgm554

    Bill Ludwig III and new Ludwig kickstarter snare drums

    Whatever became of that?
  12. pgm554

    New wood DW True Sonic snares

    You knew it was coming . Move over reissue Rogers wood Dyna's.
  13. pgm554

    DFO hacked again

    To you folks using or about to use DFO ,be aware it's hacked with a XSS script attack(again). So you have been warned.
  14. pgm554

    LP 24 lug stainless steel Banda snare

    Definitely a snare worth auditioning. Played one at Starving Musician in Santa Clara today. I like it ,but it's $449 MAPS,so not much haggle room. Sharp ,cutting ,nice ring and great rebound because of the 12 llug tuning for batter and snare side. Old style tombstone throw though. About an...
  15. pgm554

    Best way to lose value on a nice cymbel I guess it sounded like a good idea at the time.
  16. pgm554

    Should they rename the Grammys the Pro Tools awards?

    Can't sing on key? Can't keep a beat? Can't play an instrument? Pro Tools.
  17. pgm554

    DW Super Solid impressions

    Just played a used one at the Guitar Center in San Mateo. While not a bad sounding snare (for $800 used it should sound OK),but what threw me was the sheer mass of the drum. I've had marching snares that were lighter. Easily 15 or 20 pounds. Between the heft and price tag ,not something that...
  18. pgm554

    Craigslist WTF?

    $450 bucks for a steel shelled Yammie? Am I missing something?
  19. pgm554

    Drum bargains you missed

    Just perusing the 4 sale ads and this popped up Anybody seen bargains like this that you went WTF? I own one of these snares and it is nothing short of great sounding.(but I paid $200 bucks)
  20. pgm554

    Things that make you :)

    I was at the local GC yesterday killing some time and sat down on one of the demo sets. Played a couple of grooves for a minute or two and there was another guy in the store that started clapping and gave me an unexpected thumbs up. I love an appreciative audience even if it's only of one.