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  1. Mandala

    Help me tame my vintage Slingerland!

    So a while ago I made a post asking for advice on heads for my kit, I ended up going with: Evans Ec2 SST over Evans EC Resonant on my toms Evans HD Dry over Evans Hazy 300 on my Snare and Evans EMAD2 on my bass drum on my bass drum. The sound just wasn't doing it for me. The Heads sounded too...
  2. Mandala

    Need help for new heads on a vintage Slingerland

    I'm looking to get new heads for my 1977 Slingerland kit. I play for a Progressive/Experimental (I guess you'd call it that) band. I'm looking for clear attack and tone and resonance out of my toms, a nice singular crack out of my snare, and a good solid punch from my bass drum. My snares not...
  3. Mandala

    Steve Clifford

    I did some searching and didn't come up with anything, and it made me wonder, where is the love for Steve Clifford? Steve Clifford is the drummer for Circa Survive, and honestly, I think he's probably one of the best drummers in modern music right now. His syncopation skills are insane. If you...