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  1. Destroyer772

    Original song our band started working on last night

    This is a new song we are piecing together, I would appreciate your thought's and advice. It's slow and it sounds like we drifted a bit but next practice I'm going play to a click. Recorded with my Zoom Q4 and from the side it didn't pick up the kick very well. But from this perspective it...
  2. Destroyer772

    Paiste 19in Giant Beat vs 19in Sig Full Crash

    Cascio Interstate Music has some great prices on some Cymbals right now, I got this brand new for $220. I have had the Sig for a couple years now and while I love the sound I just dont care for the feel of Med weight crashes. This is my first Paiste B8 and I'm very happy with it, it's a little...
  3. Destroyer772

    Zildjian Kerope 22in Med crash/ride price drop

    Anybody know what's up with this? The 22in has dropped over $100 less then the 20in. Neither Musiciansfriend or Sweetwater have them in stock yet. Could they be changing the design or something? Just don't seem normal to have that big of price difference. Sweetwater does have one Demo in stock...
  4. Destroyer772

    New song our band is working on

    We are still working on original material and this one in particular could be real good. Lot's of bugs to be worked out especially on my end but it's coming along. Just wanted to share with you all and get your thoughts on the song as a whole.
  5. Destroyer772

    I'm in a band (finally) and wanted to share some original music with you all

    We have been playing together every Sunday for the last 7 weeks and while these songs still need work I'm very pleased with our progress. These guy's have gigged together in the past. So they have more experience playing as a band while I haven't played since high school. Cool thing is, The...
  6. Destroyer772

    First recording in my Drum shed

    I turned the Focusrite on today and did a sound check. Nothing added here, just set the overheads and hit record. I am very happy with the result's, the 8in tom is off my old Catalina kit. It doesn't have the sustain the other toms do but I guess it's size may have something to do with it. But...
  7. Destroyer772

    Pics of my Drum shed

    Hey everybody, I haven't posted anything for a while but i'm still hear and check on the forum every weekend just haven't had much time lately to be very active. I originally bought this Amish built (high barn) is what this style shed is called, about 4 years back to be my man cave/drum studio...
  8. Destroyer772

    Just scored a used Paiste 22in Sig full Ride

    I have been thinking of buying a Paiste ride for a while now. I started with a 17in Sig Fast Crash, it had something different about it that made me curious about other sizes and models. From there I ran across a demo model of the 19in full Sig, it was a heavier crash then I was used to but I...
  9. Destroyer772

    Asia "Only time will tell" Drum Cover

    Just another one of my Ole favorites I thought I would cover.
  10. Destroyer772

    Bruce Springstien "Hungry Heart" Drum Cover

    Alway's been a big fan of (The Boss). IMO He is one of the greatest singer/songwriter's of all time. Had some time today so I made this cover of one of my favorites.
  11. Destroyer772

    Drummers Review video of new Mapex's Cherry Bomb Kit

    If there is already a thread about this Sorry I didn't see it. But my thought's are that this kit sound's amazing. These drums have a hell of a growl to them is the best way I can explain it. I could live with that suspension mount to get that kind of resonance...
  12. Destroyer772

    led Zeppelin's "Fool in the Rain" Drum Cover

    Tried a shot at recording this today just to see how it would turn out. I am not a Bonham expert so I am sure this not completely accurate but I thought it was at least worth a post. Feel free to let me know what I should work on to make it better...
  13. Destroyer772

    Prince "The most beautiful girl in the world" Drum Cover

    Digging thru some of his material today and heard this. A nice tune to play along to and just a really nice song in general.
  14. Destroyer772

    Paiste 602 20in thin crash

    Ever since I purchased my first Signature 17in fast crash I have had the Paiste bug. That followed with a 19in full crash and 15in Modern Essentials hats. I am going to use this as light Crash/Ride at home for practice and recording. Only other place I play is at church and my 21in Avedis (new...
  15. Destroyer772

    Heart's "Magic Man" Drum Cover

    Playing around with my new Focusrite 18i20 USB audio interface today. These things deliver excellent sound.
  16. Destroyer772

    New Drums from Mapex

    Just run across this, looks to be Design Lab Drum Kits. They need to do more marketing video's such as this.
  17. Destroyer772

    Foster the people "Sit next to me" Drum Cover

    Thought I would try something different, this is a newer pop song that I actually like and is fun to play along to. I like the sound I got out of this recording, toms sound nice and deep. Thought's and suggestion's welcome.
  18. Destroyer772

    Boston "Smokin" Drum Cover

    This is my first recording with my Focusrite 18i20. I plan on using a two mic setup on my snare and maybe adding more mics to the rest of the kit. I have been using a Presonus 44 VSL which has now been discontinued.
  19. Destroyer772

    Studio One DAW problems

    I am at a loss and have tried everything. Problem= Project will record and track like it always has but when I'm finished I do as I always have. I click on FILE and Save As. Then I click on SONG- Export Mixdown. I have it set to send all projects to an external hard drive F. It will save that...
  20. Destroyer772

    Boston "Dont look back" Drum Cover

    A killer song by a great band, I tried my best to do a good job on this. Bumped my stick's a couple times but I was still happy with it. I wish I could get a little better Snare sound, I use a single Sennheiser e604 on top.