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  1. rhumbagirl

    Anyone else on a break from drums?

    Sept 1 was the last time a touched my sticks. It was the time we were given Evacuation Level 1 fire warnings. The sky filled with smoke for a week while everyone started packing everything they value. For me it was my drums and recording equipment - still packed and sitting in cases in the...
  2. rhumbagirl

    Paint code for Tama drums

    I have a carpenter neighbor with a paint gun and a shop, and so I showed him the black Tama tom I have and asked him if he could match the color on a bass drum and floor tom. He asked me to find out if there is a paint code. Anyone know if that's possible? The tom is a 1980s Granstar Custom...
  3. rhumbagirl

    Rain, Thunder, High Wind, Ocean Waves, ...

    ... Window shutters and screen doors slamming, military jeeps and WWII soldiers marching in the rain. Anyone have all this in one 8-10 hr audio file? Oh and maybe a train or two rolling by every half hour. Thanks (and it needs to be a dark screen if it's a YouTube video)
  4. rhumbagirl

    Evacuation Level 1

    As a member who gets regular practice time every week, I'm sad to announce I won't be playing the drums for the near term while under a Level 1 evacuation notice - Level 3 is leave now, Level 2 is be ready to leave, Level 1 is pack your shit. I've parked my RV in the driveway and spending all...
  5. rhumbagirl

    "Shake Your Body" groove

    Might as well start a dedicated thread for this groove. All discussion is in terms of a trad-grip, right-handed player, playing on a right-handed drumset. So here's the open-handed version of Chad Wright's groove: |1...2...3...4...|1...2...3...4...|1...2...3...4...|1...2...3...4...| |R...
  6. rhumbagirl

    I've been given a song list

    Well I think this is an opportunity for me to get into a real band for a change. They've heard my promo material and have stopped looking at other drummers. Here is the song list. I was so excited I couldn't sleep last night. I managed to work out the intricate drum part to "Shake Your Body"...
  7. rhumbagirl

    Put the dog in the attic?

    Curious if others move pets to separate rooms to protect their hearing? I've got a 11 yr old Lhasa Apso that is showing signs of hearing loss. And I'm pretty sure I play loudly because I wear noise-cancelling headphones on a mic'd kit.
  8. rhumbagirl

    Simply Red - Stars Groove

    So I transcribed this guy's interpretation of the groove to "Stars" by Simply Red, and I'm having trouble getting the correct notation for sextuplets against 2/4: Here's the transcription. Thanks ~
  9. rhumbagirl

    The Hi-Def Studio Session Thread

    Ok, so I ran across a really good cover of 'Georgy Porgy' by a band called 'Ace of Heart' (Hungarian?). It didn't fit the criteria for a thread on just one song, especially when a lot of stuff is happening in it - playing talent, recording, video capture, etc - so I thought wouldn't it be cool...
  10. rhumbagirl

    Partido Alto example by Goran Rista

    I didn't see any examples on Drummerworld for this Brazilian style that I'm working on, so I thought I'd share one I found on YouTube by Goran Rista. I like the 16ths on the HH with the right hand. This is what I mean by warming up the hands playing Bossa Nova, but I guess now I'm including...
  11. rhumbagirl

    Can't find this drum studies book

    I couldn't locate my snare studies book from years ago, so I drew what I remember the front cover to be. Anyone know what book this is? Thanks..
  12. rhumbagirl

    Jazz band playing to a metronome

    Hello DW, It's been a couple years since we last spoke. Hope you all are doing alright! I've been playing drums off and on (non-professionally) for 40 yrs and this is the first time a band leader has made the entire band rehearse with a metronomic click (smartphone app plugged into a guitar...
  13. rhumbagirl

    Moved across country again

    Just when I was getting myself back in the playing groove, I had to take a job on the other side of the country. The good news is that Steph has cash flow again :) Anyway, just thought I'd holler a headsup as to my absence. Rhumba-Rhum-Rhum!
  14. rhumbagirl

    "Daniel" by Elton John

    Recorded with Focusrite Scarlett 18i20, Ableton Live 8, MXL 840 overheads, SM57s and Beta52. No compression or effects. Kit: Gretsch Catalina Club (18" kick, 10" tom, 14" floor, 14"x3.5" Pearl Free-floating snare, muffled) Cymbals are Meinl Byzance: 14" dark HH, 18" dark crash, 20" dark ride...
  15. rhumbagirl

    Chuck Tilley

    Chuck Tilley was on the cover of Modern Drummer some years back (mid-2000s?) and currently plays for Six Wire. He's been a professional drummer his entire life and was my first teacher when I took up the drums in junior high in Tuscaloosa Alabama. I couldn't find a page on him so would like to...
  16. rhumbagirl

    Back to the grind

    Well HELLO AGAIN, Drummerworld!! Jjust thought I'd write a little note about where I'm at in my playing. You see, it wasn't always about my playing. Because I wasn't always playing. It only became about my playing when I went out and sought it out, and demanded something from myself...
  17. rhumbagirl

    Head work counts too!

    So yesterday I camped out at Samba Juice, eating a Subway sandwich, with my dog, and decided that I would spend sometime preparing for my evening practice session. I re-read the first 20 or so pages of Riley's The Art of Bebop Drumming. I sung the parts in Comp Exercise I and II. I looked...
  18. rhumbagirl

    Switching Heads and sticks

    Ok, I recently got a gig playing big band jazz and decided to change the heads on my Pearl reference kit to Remo Coated Ambassador from Evans Clear G1/G2s. Just the toms. Left the BD and snare alone. And in the process of this change, I noticed my usual Jojo Mayer signature sticks are a bit...
  19. rhumbagirl

    Basia "Baby You're Mine" Cover by Stephanie Grow

    Hey guys, I wanted to put something out there before too much time passed. It's not too bad. Audio --recorded with Zoom Q3 (set to low gain) Bass drum video --recorded with Canon SD770IS digital camera Kit video --recorded with...
  20. rhumbagirl

    Rise of the Humanoids!!

    Are we becoming extinct? Are we becoming a dying breed? Certainly the age of digital drum tracks and sequencers has made the job of a studio drummer a thing of the past. Now Humanoids are just now coming out (of Japan) that can walk, dance, kick, get knocked down and get back up on their...