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  1. picodon

    Bass guitar shelter? :(

    I now have 2 bass guitars in my "studio" (it's the size of a good toilet) apparently abandoned by their owners. One since 2013, the other one since a year or so now. I couldn't imagine leaving my kit at somebody else's place, I think I would miss it after a few... hours. Am I particularly...
  2. picodon

    Picodon - back

    Hi, I'm back after some time. 47 now and still living in rural France. Played very little lately, but summer vacation is almost over so it's a good time to form a new band. Played a nice gig with colleagues end of last year at a company anniversary, never managed to get the group together...
  3. picodon

    First gig - yay!

    It's one mistake to wait 40 years before starting the drums, it's ANOTHER mistake to wait another 5 years before playing the first gig, but better late than never! :) I'm not counting the dozens of gigs in the samba percussion band where I played the caixa. This was the first time the Stage...
  4. picodon

    Open handed - what about this?

    Tired of having my left arm locked up under the right one when playing hi hat. Or maybe just wanting to innovate. Too lazy/old/stupid to learn to play the other way around i.e. classical open handed. Too much married to spend money on the drum kit first and find out if it was a good idea...
  5. picodon

    Samba enredo

    A little glance in the kitchen of last week's rehearsal: The first 2 minutes of call/response are for warm-up and concentration building, then finally the roller coaster starts. A nice series of start-and-stops in the end, they're dang hard to get right and we're...
  6. picodon

    What are the personalities of your crash cymbals?

    Credits to Bermuda for the concept of the identity of a crash cymbal (see the "A good cymbal..." thread). If you have one crash, well then that's the crash. It might even be a crash/ride. I used to have two crashes, a stagg DH Exo 16" which I called the comma, and an Istanbul Agop Xist 18"...
  7. picodon

    When science gets a hold of the Beat Highly interesting and scary at the same time. Next research subject is probably the secret of love :-S
  8. picodon

    What's with the Stage Custom snare?

    This (the latest pic in the driver's seat thread) is now the zillionth Stage Custom I see, on DW and in ads, of which the snare has been replaced. I was wondering, what's "wrong" (quote - unquote) with it? What sound were those SC owners looking for and where did you find it? I have owned a...
  9. picodon

    The key to becoming tight?

    A few observations between X-mas and the new year… This may read like yesterday's newspaper to anyone from intermediate to pro level, if so don't hesitate to enlighten the rest of us with your comments :) Observation 1. I can paradiddle pretty tightly, as long as I don't think about what...
  10. picodon

    Fills monkey

    Yeah yeah, a drummer's main job is to keep time and groove, not be a clown. But what if we forget about that for a minute: They're planning a couple shows abroad too:
  11. picodon

    *Dry* cymbal? *Sweet* cymbal?

    The other day I compared choosing cymbals to wine tasting, as in: if you're not an experienced cymbals hitter/wine drinker, it's hard to tell which one you prefer if you try two side by side, and even harder to verbalize exactly why. Also, a cymbal all by itself may sound a little harsh, just...
  12. picodon

    Drum Technique: 11 viewing, Drum Gear: 131 viewing

    Now tell me, are you guys Groove players or do you just buy stuff?? :)
  13. picodon

    Shipping cymbals?

    This may be a dumb question but I don't want to die dumb as the French say :) I understand the answer to any question in the cymbals forum is buy used, and I think that's what I'll do in the future... but can a cymbal be shipped in a decent way? I always think of my cymbals as fragile and I am...
  14. picodon

    Beginner drummers: you don't HAVE to be in a rock band!

    I discovered there's a batucada (brasilian percussion band) in our village and joined them a few months ago. I absolutely love it, I play snare drum and it's great training. Our band leader is a pro drummer and he sure can teach me a trick or two. For a beginner drummer like me it's a great...
  15. picodon

    Bass trap?

    Trying to get rid of a resonance in my (tiny) home studio around the frequency of my 16" floor tom. I sort of tuned my way around it but it's still ugly. I know there's many examples of DIY bass traps out there, I tried one and it did not work. I know I should measure dB @ Hz and make fancy 3D...
  16. picodon

    That magic womb rhythm...

    I was playing Ebony Eyes from Stevie Wonder ( the other day and found halfway the song I was starting to almost slam my v-drums to pieces, so much the rhythm of the song "felt right"... I almost got tears in my eyes... Then I started fantasizing...