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  1. AirborneSFC

    Some cool new old school kits

    So for those who have known me for a long time I certainly have made the drum journey. I got back into it years ago with my electronic kit, played all kinds of awesome Sonor kits, and also got into vintage kits. I have now had way more drums than I could ever imagine; mainly I sell the kits and...
  2. AirborneSFC

    Camco Oaklawn 12 14 18 with snare

    Just picked up one of my "grail" kits. Camco Oaklawn era 12 14 18 with matching snare. The first picture is taken along side my LA Camco 12 14 18. I can say for certain that Camco kits in these sizes are more rare than Gretsch from the same era. I should know as I have had them all! For a more...
  3. AirborneSFC

    Old Gretsch Kit

    So these showed up today. Most here are players and not collectors. I guess I am somewhat of both these days. About 12 of these kits made back in the day (I think more like 20) and maybe 10 examples survived to this day including mine. This is pre restoration. Restoration will be just cleaning...
  4. AirborneSFC

    1968 Ludwig Jazette

    So I won these on eBay and in case you need a set there is another in Spain for $4400!! These are all January 1968 date stamps and begin in the 562XXX except the floor which is a 568XXX. No mods and in a wonderful aged thermogloss finish with white resocoat interiors. Sizes are 12x8, 14x14 and...
  5. AirborneSFC

    Ludwig Standard...USA made with MIJ mojo

    In the 60's we were fighting a far east invasion of drums. Ludwig did well to hold the line with the Standard series; US made drums and shells with lower cost hardware, very wild wraps and badges all their own. The great part though is the shells are the same 3 ply from Chicago as their more...
  6. AirborneSFC

    Camco LA era kit

    Hello drummers, So maybe you guys have noticed but I have been buying and selling a lot of vintage gear. I even have had a few "holy grail" kits (Gretsch 1960's 12 14 18) but still for modern drums prefer Sonor. It's been interesting trying all these different shell configurations and snares...
  7. AirborneSFC

    Sonor vintage series

    Here they are! Been playing them a lot lately. I have had them a little while but just got around to posting pictures. 20x14 - warm and punchy. Very focused sound and powerful. 12x8 - One of m favorites. So far I like it tuned higher or lower the best. Medium still works. 14x12 - This little...
  8. AirborneSFC

    Sonor Teardrop for NAMM 2015

    So Sam gives me a call from Sam I am Studios saying Sonor was after a nice teardrop kit for their NAMM 2015 display. He literally called me a day late before I just sold my museum quality kit to another forum member. Not being one to call it quits I knew I could find another kit quickly and I...
  9. AirborneSFC

    Phil Rudd in trouble... He has not had his day in court yet but this does not look good! I had heard that he was not in a recent photo shoot or video with the band either.
  10. AirborneSFC

    New band and new record being released

    Here are 3 songs from our upcoming record being released very soon. Manny
  11. AirborneSFC

    Spiralfire - One More Chance (pre master)

    This is a premastered version of this song. Not happy with the mix so far so once it is mastered I will post it again. Also a wrong take of the guitar solo in there. Thoughts? Manny
  12. AirborneSFC

    Sonor Bop Kit - Prolite or Sunset

    Hey guys I posted this up in the Sonor Forum also but I know this is a much wider audience. I am selling my much loved S Classix kit and Rogers kit. I am looking to get a smaller bop setup from Sonor. Trouble is I can't quite decide between these two: Prolite...
  13. AirborneSFC

    Ludwig atlas mount for bass drum

    Hey guys, I was wanting to replace just one lug on my bass drum so I could mount my rack tom from it. My rack tom already has a mount so no worries there and I could use a simple adapter to get the two working together (adjustable L arm or clamp). Just wondering if a single atlas mount is...
  14. AirborneSFC

    Snare collection for 2014

    Sonor Benny Greb Sonor SQ2 1965 Ludwig Pioneer 1967 Ludwig Acrolite 1964 Gretsch 4160 COB Not pictured is my Thomann special edition black panther snare.
  15. AirborneSFC

    1960's Gretsch kit

    I was going to buy this for any forum member on vintage drum forum who wanted it. Anyway after they found out the sizes (13,16,20) everyone backed down. So I picked this one up for $700. In case you guys were wondering drum flipping is now my little hobby. If anyone wants the hardware (original...
  16. AirborneSFC

    Rogers Holiday Late 60's

    Well guys I really didn't need another kit. Anyway I traded in some A custom's I had laying around. So out the door was $900. Not bad I think seeing as they go for A LOT more on Ebay.
  17. AirborneSFC

    22" Byzance Jazz Sweet Spiral Ride

    So I was looking for a 22" ride. I found this one: It will be here Monday!
  18. AirborneSFC

    Vintage Rogers vs Gretsch

    Which would you chose and why? FWIW I have a thin shelled maple kit with re rings already (Sonor Prolite) so that might be the only reason why I would not get a Rogers. Any feedback is appreciated!
  19. AirborneSFC

    1967 Ludwig Club Date

    Found these at an antique store for $500. I am half way through a full restoration. These will be in amazing condition when I am done. Here is my thread on the restoration.
  20. AirborneSFC

    Ninja stick flip

    I performed the most Ninja stick flip of all time. It happens during the intro: