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  1. NouveauCliche

    Virtual Workshops / Clinics

    Had the wonderful opportunity to present to several music classes over the past month in partnership with Sonoma State University's Green Music Center. We've spoken to their university level music classes and actually a cultural education class due to our indigenous ties. (we were SUPPOSED...
  2. NouveauCliche

    Vintage Gretsch Drums (Help)

    Heyooo, So after picking up the Brooklyn Series and my older Renown - I've obviously picked up a taste for Gretsch! Paul and Andrew have been wonderful and I have really solid feel for everything that's going on NOW... However - I'm really in the dark when it comes to vintage Gretsch drums...
  3. NouveauCliche

    New 2021 Gretsch Signature Snares

    Heyo, Just saw a posting for a couple of new Gretsch Signature snares!! A 4.25 X 14 Gergo Borlai and a 5.5 x 14 Keith Carlock! I couldn't find more information - but I did reach out and will share what I find. I'm guessing the Borlai is brass just based on the pictures and the Carlock is...
  4. NouveauCliche

    Stacking Hats

    I saw this cat put a stack on his top cymbals in his hats the other day and I'd never really seen stacked hats before. I tried it with mixed results: I think the concept is cool : I think he had either bigger hats or a smaller cymbal stacked...but I do like the idea of having two playing...
  5. NouveauCliche

    Motionpro Thrones

    Hey everyone, I just picked up a Motinopro Throne and I'm here to sing some praises and hopefully expose some of you to these thrones if you haven't seen them before. I had a Roc-n-Soc since like 1999 (not the same throne but that brand): I felt that over the last year or so I just couldn't...
  6. NouveauCliche

    Picked up some new Heads

    Heyoooo, I snagged some UV2s: I'd had them on a couple snares and really liked the coating...they both still look new so I thought I'd try these out. I'd had EC2s with G1 on this kit since I got it and those were absolutely thunder - but previous to this kit I'd been playing jazz sets for a...
  7. NouveauCliche

    Deals on Gretsch Snares

    Folks, There's a great Gretsch Liquidation going on at Drum Center of Portsmouth right now: Lots of Marquee series - but there's a few select others in there too!
  8. NouveauCliche

    Soundhoops Drum Mics

    A high quality mic - tucked away IN your drum hoop - low profile - quality sound. I had never seen or heard of these before - I do like the concept though: Anyone have an experience with these? (I'm not sure I'll be able to get a set because of the Gretsch 5...
  9. NouveauCliche

    Western Arts Alliance Video

    Hey Everyone, Today is day one of the Western / MidWestern Arts Alliance booking conference. Is anyone else part of the conference? Find me and say hello!! As part of it we put together a small video with an overview of some of those projects I've mentioned a few times - check it out and let...
  10. NouveauCliche

    Played an Outdoor gig today (For people!)

    Did a couple hours with of standards with some guys today - even had an opening act. Everyone was safe and distant and there was even some mexican food there - for just a brief moment of time things almost felt normal. It was nice to be out playing - even if it was jazz standards haha.
  11. NouveauCliche

    Two songs with English Rocker Baz Francis Live

    Heyoooo, We had rocker Baz Francis recently on the concert series I produce called "Heart Space Live" and he thought it would be fun to have a full band - so the bass player from my regular band and I sat in for a couple tunes! (they're both at the beginning - the rest is solo acoustic, but...
  12. NouveauCliche

    Ash Soan on Zildjian Live AKA: The fill NOT hear around the world

    Ash plays like I want to play when I grow up. Tasty - clean - perfect for the song....his Zildjian live is an absolute masterclass in how to play for the song: Enjoy! Go to about 4:22 ish for what I refer in the title of the post. Amazing example of being tasty and not shoving every chop...
  13. NouveauCliche

    Custom Made Neon Sign

    Hey everyone, Finally got my new baby in: Had a custom made neon sign for my studio from Neon Beach! It's silly - but I thought as drummers some of you could appreciate it! I have to set it up in it's final resting place tonight - but I couldn't help but unbox it and take and snag a pic...
  14. NouveauCliche

    Going into the Studio End of August

    Drum Fam! It's officially booked - tunes are written - charts are ...charted: My band is officially heading into the studio for Album #2! We'll be at Frogville Studios in Santa Fe, NM in late August to knock it out - Frogville is super funky and has a whole top level that is housing for the...
  15. NouveauCliche

    Genre / Paradigm Shifts

    Hey everyone, For most of my playing life I've fallen into this jazz/funk/hip hop category of playing. Not really even by choice - it just sort of happened. Well last night I got the opportunity to play with English rockers Baz Francis - filming a live concert for youtube. These are some...
  16. NouveauCliche

    Nervous about upcoming Project!

    Hey everyone, I thought it would be fun to share some fun news with my drum family here. My band was just invited to compose and collaborate on a track with Phil Manzanera - founding member of Roxy Music and guitarist for David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) and his partner Dan Chiorboli. We sat down...
  17. NouveauCliche

    Online Concert Series I've produced

    Hey everyone! I've mentioned it a couple times in passing - but I'm a founder of a music related non-profit and during non-COVID times, we do lots of live shows and workshops and jazz jams, etc. in a venue that we own (part outdoor stage / part art gallery). Well with the current situation -...
  18. NouveauCliche

    The Gretsch Brooklyn has arrived

    Hey folks, Hope you are all well, safe and healthy. My Grestch Brooklyn kit has arrived and it's wonderful. It's a 22",10",12",16" set up - I'll likely add a 14" floor and a 8" rack tom and get an 18" kick just for versatility since this kind of an end-game kit. I change the normal RIMS...
  19. NouveauCliche

    Fantasy Gigs

    Hey everyone, I always like to cruise youtube and watch old live shows and make my kiddos watch old bands with me haha. If you could go back in time (or now) what would your fantasy gig(s) be? For me: Sade in the 80s...or just start in the 80s and moving on to today. Great grooves - easy...
  20. NouveauCliche

    Millenium(ish) Rock Drummers

    Hey everyone, I was flipping through YouTube drowning in nostalgia and it hit me: It it just me or were there some really GREAT "Rock Drummers" that were active starting in the 90's and moving forward. I think these guys had some great influences and really transcended the genre in a lot of...