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  1. marthared

    Book: D. J. Fontana Remembers Elvis

    Anyone heard of this or have copies, know where I can get it? The cheapest and only copies I've found are Amazon for $85!!!!
  2. marthared

    Leave Me Alone, rant 2

    How timely to get on the forum and see a thread titled "Leave Me Alone", because I want to post one titled that too, but with a different twist. "You jealous, no-nothing-about-drums-wanta-be's, LEAVE ME ALONE!" Quit telling me after a performance that my drums are out of tune.... Stop telling...
  3. marthared

    Real Ludwigs?

    Hi all... I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on this set, and wanting to make sure it's really a Ludwig.. I've been reading some things about fake drums and imposters, such as putting Ludwig badges on Tama drums. Any help would be appreciated. Guy sent me the serial numbers:13x10-3385648/...
  4. marthared


    Being fairly new to the drumming world (about 3 years), I'm still catching up on the vocabulary... Can you guys tell me what's meant by "chops"? I may be auditioning for another band tomorrow night, and the guy that emailed me said "Our last drummer was really nice but didn't 'have the chops'"...
  5. marthared

    Seahawks Blue Thunder drummers!
  6. marthared

    Is everyone a paid professional here?

    I'm a noob here, and joined so that I could learn about the drum world after playing drums for about 3 years. I've played on our church worship team for almost 2 years and am now in a classic rock band. I have an observation, and would like some responses... Seems like there's A LOT of...