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  1. victoriousmusic

    New to me double pearl eliminator pedals

    I received my pedals a week ago, which I bought off ebay used. I've never had a top end single pedal and have never played a double pedal. I looked at some inexpensive doubles to try but from what I could tell, better to go with used nice ones. I had a hard time deciding between iron cobra or...
  2. victoriousmusic

    My 1st gig with new cymbals

    Hey everyone, I got my new cymbals on Thurs., took them to practice last night for the 1st time, then gigged with them tonight. They sound awesome. I ordered off ebay a couple of weeks ago. Saluda, Nemesis series. I got 20" ride, 16" crash, 14" hats, 8" splash, 10" splash. I couldn't...
  3. victoriousmusic

    The Change is Complete! new stuff

    Hi, I wanted to thank this forum for all the responses to my inquiries, the wealth of info. here as well. I have been in process of switching back to acoustic from edrums. I just yesterday received my new drums, Gretch Catalina Club mod 4 piece, tattoo series, and am anxiously awaiting my new...
  4. victoriousmusic

    Saluda Nemesis series

    Hi everyone, I posted recently that I am in the market for some cymbals. I'm in the process of going from edrums to acoustic. I've been looking at Paiste (alphas mostly or another higher series used)mainly but also some other brands. I was looking on ebay and found Saluda Nemesis set and am...
  5. victoriousmusic

    classics, PST-5 orSabian Xs20?

    Hey, I just got an acoustic set (Gretch 4 piece) and am trying to decide on cymbals. Since I haven't had an acoustic set in several years and haven't bought cymbals since the 80's, I am having difficulty deciding on some. I live FAR away from any store that might carry them. If anyone has any...
  6. victoriousmusic

    Problems with electronic drums

    hi, I recently joined this forum, last week, and have been enjoying reading threads and looking around here. I have been having a couple of issues with my kit that I have not been able to resolve though. I'll be playing along and the drums just lock up, no sound whatsoever, the module remains...