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  1. HipshotPercussion

    Where Can I get a Replacement Head for Roland PDX 6?

    Overtightened the mesh head on my PDX 6 and it split. Been scouring the web for any shop or site in the U.S. that sells the MH 6 replacement but after about 6 weeks all I've found are a few places in Germany and Australia. Anyone have an MH 6 mesh head for sale or know of a place in this...
  2. HipshotPercussion

    I love hitting things with sticks & the Roland TD-11

    A couple of months ago I got a Roland TD-11 kit. After playing around with it, I realized that what I liked best about the kit was the ability to use it to add supplementary drums and FX to an acoustic kit. So I got rid of its original rubber pads, e-cymbals, and rack, and set up 4 mesh pads...
  3. HipshotPercussion

    ZITS and Drums

    As both a writer and a drummer, this really works for me:
  4. HipshotPercussion

    Just got a Roland TD-11K-S. What do I need to know?

    Just made what I think is a good trade and got a 3 month old Roland TD-11K-S Compact kit in exchange for a 4 and a half year old PDP X7 kit. Did as much due diligence as I had time for, including downloading the manuals, but no one knows about these things like you guys here. As the kind of...
  5. HipshotPercussion

    Weird Question about - Grommets

    As in those little metal things that encircle/plug into the airholes of our drums. Over the past few months, two of the toms on my DW Collectors kit have started making clicking noises when played. I've cleverly tracked down the cause to their grommets. I mean, it's got to be them vibrating...
  6. HipshotPercussion

    Just got My New-Old DW Collectors Tom - At last!

    After years of searching, I've finally found a 7x8 tom to go with my 2002 Candy Apple Red lacquer DW Collectors kit. I love the sound of DW 7x8s but not the price of a new one, and it wasn't until a couple of weeks ago that I located the first I've ever seen in the right color: Well...
  7. HipshotPercussion

    And Now, the Exciting New Cam-Drum

    OK, so maybe not so exciting: Hey, what can I say? Nikon seems to think this is a very big whoop.
  8. HipshotPercussion

    My Daughter's Band is Playing L.A.'s Roxy This Week

    My youngest daughter has learned an important life lesson: It's far more fun to be the talent than the venue. About 6 months ago, the club she ran in Seattle closed its doors and she started her own Seattle area indie rock band called Yevtushenko. Amber and her bandmates play only originals...
  9. HipshotPercussion

    Drum Off, the video

    Not perfect drumming, but a very familiar relationship. At least to me:
  10. HipshotPercussion

    Film About Student Drummer Wins 2013 Sundance Film Fest Award

    This, as they say, just in: I haven't been able to see the film yet, but I did find this more detailed description: There's a not-all-that-helpful video at On its face, I think this is really cool for drumming. And I...
  11. HipshotPercussion

    My Kindle Book Giveaway

    Not about drumming, which is only a hobby for me these days, but if you're interested in writing for television and everything that goes with it, the Kindle version of my book, TELEVISION WRITING FROM THE INSIDE OUT, is free for today at Amazon.Com. I'm doing the free day thing as a way of...
  12. HipshotPercussion

    Hipshot Reviews His New Pork Pie Big Black Brass Snare

    The Good: It's beautiful, to my eyes, with a deep, resonant sound. Also unexpectedly sensitive, and I got it at a great price ($199 at Guitar Center). The Not-So-Good: I can't impress people with this the way I could if it was a Ludwig Black Beauty. The back story: I found this on sale...
  13. HipshotPercussion

    And Now a Word About Black Friday at Guitar Center

    Deleted because I let myself get gamed by Guitar Factory. Sorry.
  14. HipshotPercussion

    The Kindle Edition of my How-To Book is Out

    The good news is that it's literally the standard of its industry, used in a ton of college courses, etc., and it's been revised/updated/corrected, et al. by yours truly. The bad news is that it isn't a book on drums or drumming but on how to write for TV. Because as some of you might already...
  15. HipshotPercussion

    The Ultimate "Drummerly" Betrayal

    My wife, my very own loving wife, actually posted this pic on Facebook and said it was about me! Never would've suspected that my own family would promulgate the drummer stereotype. (Of course, her belief in this pic is predicated on the stories I've always told her about my loyalty on the...
  16. HipshotPercussion

    Dumb, Childish, and Idiotic...

    ...which must be why I love it. In other words: Best damn (sort of) drum-playing site on the web. See you later. I gotta jam now.
  17. HipshotPercussion

    Sensitone Brass or Pork Pie Big Black Brass?

    I'm looking for a brass snare to fill out the range of sounds I can use. (Already have maple, stainless steel, bronze, et al.) If I had an unlimited budget I'd go the black beauty route, but that's not going to happen right now. I've spent a lot of time (too much!) poring over reviews, and it...
  18. HipshotPercussion

    Anyone Remember Jimmy Nicol?

    He had the experience every drummer of a certain age I know wishes they'd had: "Replacing" Ringo on a tour. Ruined his life, of course. But what a glorious destruction! Just ran across his fascinating story:
  19. HipshotPercussion

    Is it downsizing...

    ...when you make one big kit into two? Or is that cheating? I started out with a DW Collectors and a PDP X7 in my drum room. Then I brought the Collectors kid downstairs into what's euphemistically called a sun room. (It's a euphemism because where I live it's almost *never* sunny.) Then I...
  20. HipshotPercussion

    All the Cool Guys R Drummers...

    ...but we already knew that.