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  1. oldmetalhead

    Drum Stick Display Racks

    I am in the process of buying several pair of signature drum sticks. I would like to know where to get a display case or display rack for about 10 pair of sticks. I have a few already and will be purchasing more soon. Thanks for your help.
  2. oldmetalhead

    My newest youtube video

    Please subscribe or leave a comment. Thanks guys
  3. oldmetalhead

    Signature sticks

    I am looking for a pair of Cozy Powell drum sticks. Any place I should be looking other than e-bay?
  4. oldmetalhead

    Drum Mics

    What is considered a good set of microphones to use for drums? Years ago I used Shure SM57's and Sennheiser 421's. Also does anyone know what Dave Lombardo uses? He has these neat looking clip ons.
  5. oldmetalhead

    Rack tom stand base

    Later this year I am going to purchase a Ludwig Element matching bass drum. My question to everyone is, can I use the rack tom stand that currently mounts to my bass drum and buy a base or do I need to buy an entire unit to hold both rack toms? I currently only use one of the toms that came with...
  6. oldmetalhead

    My latest video

    I dont know if this is where to post my newest video but here it is.
  7. oldmetalhead

    Question about this drum

    Does anyone know if DW makes a full set of drums this color? I love the looks of it.
  8. oldmetalhead

    What is your favorite drummer joke?

    I hope I have this joke correct but this is how I remember someone telling it to me. Q. How many drummer jokes are there? A. There must be a Zildjian But I can send them all to you if i copy and Paiste. Did I get that right or did I mess it up?
  9. oldmetalhead

    What is the model of this set?

    i just stumbled on the ZZ Top video from 2013 Montreaux. Frank Beard is playing a Tama set. Does anyone know what model it is? It looks killer.
  10. oldmetalhead

    New Purchases

    Anyone get some new stuff they wish to share with others? Here is my latest purchase. It is a Paiste PST7 14" china cymbal. Just in time for Axemas.
  11. oldmetalhead

    Playback system

    I want to start using a playback system with my videos. Where do I find free tracks I can play to and what kind of playback system do I need, for example MP3 player and ear buds?
  12. oldmetalhead

    Ludwig Speed King repair

    I have inherited an old Chicago style Ludwig Speed King that works well but I would like to know if it can be refurbished? I always liked how the springs compressed and there were two springs and not just one. Any help will be appreciated.
  13. oldmetalhead

    Sticks slipping

    I have seen several different products to help get a better grip on sticks. Which do you prefer? I have tried drummers tape but I see there are several "wax" products.
  14. oldmetalhead

    Never saw this before

    Does anyone have any experience with this piece of hardware and is the colored plastic unit that much different? RimRiser Cross Stick Enhancer 30-Ply Maple
  15. oldmetalhead

    Kickport bass drum port enhancer

    What size hole should be used in a bass drum head to install a Kickport Bass Drum Enhancer. Remo makes a powerstroke head with a 5" hole. Will this do it?
  16. oldmetalhead

    Worst sounding drum track you have ever heard?

    Are there any drum tracks that absolutely make you cringe? In the old days of analogue recordings there were many I could mention. The one drum recording that I absolutely hate to hear is from the Blizzard of Oz CD by Ozzy Osborne. The track is "No Bone Movies." In my opinion what makes it so...
  17. oldmetalhead

    Kickport Bass Drum Sound Enhancer

    Is there any advantage to a Kickport Bass drum sound enhancer over just a O ring port? I have only spoken to one drummer so far about this and he didnt like this unit. Any feedback guys and gals?
  18. oldmetalhead

    Head Change

    Will the change from Ludwig clear heads that came with my set to Emperor Blue heads change the sound of my toms? Will the thicker head reduce the need for moon gels?
  19. oldmetalhead

    An older guy with a couple of videos to share

    After a 31 year hiatus I am back playing and glad I did. Here is the first of two videos I recorded at the television station where I work. Please comment. I never realized how much rust I collected over those years.
  20. oldmetalhead

    Posting videos

    I recently made two drum videos. I would like to know if it is allowable to post the youtube links on this site or not. If so where should I post it?