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    Stick Wrap or Grip

    I use 5b's with (preferably) nylon tips. In the past, I have tried the Zidjian Dip Sticks (the dip doesn't stick to the stick, no pun intended, for very long) and I was going to try out some of the new Promark's with the Activegrip, but they are $11 a pair and I have to believe there is a...
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    PDP HH820 Question

    Tried to find a manual for this PDP 2-Leg Hi-Hat stand, bought it used. Was wondering if there is any height adjustment for the bottom hat? Doesn't seem to be any and before I take a hammer to see if the tubes are stuck together wanted to see if anyone knew. Appreciate the help.
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    Used kit, help with what to look for

    I am helping out a friend whose son has started playing. I am fairly new myself, and am going to look at some used kits for him. Aside from obvious signs of abuse can you guys offer any guidance on what to look at and check to ensure the kit is in decent shape?
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    Need Recommendations on Hi-Hat Stand

    I've been struggling with my 3-legged Pearl hi-hat stand that came with my Export kit since the day I got it. Given my particular set up (and I wont bore you with details) it is either too far away, too close or at an odd angle because it hits my rack (and I have tried everything). So I was...
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    Beginner Questions

    Hi everyone. Newbie here. Started playing about a year ago with lessons from a blues drummer who lives in my neighborhood. Anyway, I had a few questions I was wondering if I could get some help with. -I've taught myself to read notation, I prefer to read notation as opposed to tab. Any...