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  1. motleyh

    Fun little maple snare by Carolina Drumworks

    Simple and sweet -- Carolina Drumworks steambent maple with a little birdseye figuring in it, 6.75 x 13. Solid brass and stainless steel lugs, diecast hoops, Trick multi throw. This one made me smile to play just as much as to look at.
  2. motleyh

    Is a high-end drum really better, and what does that mean anyway?

    New blog post is up: Enjoy!
  3. motleyh

    New blog entry is up.

    It's about the underside of the snare drum -- the part we don't see or even hear well when we're sitting at the kit. Hope you enjoy it. Here's the link to the blog page:
  4. motleyh

    New Carolina Drumworks kit drums in a live stream tonight (and available to view later)

    Recently completed these nice drums to round out the kit portion of world percussionist River Guerguerian's hybrid setup. Both are steambent solid walnut, with inlaid solid maple hoops and black nickel plated hardware -- designed to match the Carolina Drumworks Asheville Series snare we did for...
  5. motleyh

    Something a little different for this snare

    Not the usual Carolina Drumworks look, but I kind of enjoyed this one-off. It's built on a 1/4" thick maple ply shell, blending three stains and some TLC. Solid brass lug posts with stainless steel tubes, diecasts, Trick multi throw, etc. Size is 7 x 14.
  6. motleyh

    So I finally started a blog about drums

    It’s not about how to build them or how to play them, though. I’ve been thinking for a few years about an ongoing series of articles directed at drummers, including things they should know about their drums, what to look for, how to adjust them to best advantage, how parts of a drum’s design...
  7. motleyh

    Built this snare to sell, but ...

    ... now I'm having second thoughts. Took me about 15 seconds of road-test playing to fall in love with the sound and feel of this drum. And then, there's the look. :) Steambent solid bubinga 6.5x14, with matching rerings, black nickel hardware, and solid brass lug posts. All-black Trick multi...
  8. motleyh

    Outrageous kit

    Okay, this one is just over the top. All-bubinga ply shells with an outer veneer of waterfall bubinga. Sizes 9x13, 16x16, 16x20; the tom shells are 5mm thick, the kick is 7mm. Graduated bearing edge profiles according to size. It's got tone and punch that just don't quit. I have to admit I had a...
  9. motleyh

    I'm way behind in photo posting, so here's a snare.

    Every time I feel like there's not enough activity on the forum, I have to admit that I myself haven't been posting photos in a while. So here's to getting back into it! This fine specimen has a 7x14 Padauk stave shell, 1/4" thick with integrated rerings. Black hardware with solid brass lug...
  10. motleyh

    Podcast interview: Carolina Drumworks

    I had a super time doing the interview for this "Behind the Backline" podcast, and thought this bunch of drum fanatics might enjoy it. Let's face it, talking about drums is almost as much fun as making them. And talking about making them, well... Give it a listen for insights about what goes...
  11. motleyh

    PASIC, anyone?

    Starts tomorrow! I'm hoping some of you folks will stop by and try out some of these snares in person and introduce yourselves. Adoptions can be arranged :)
  12. motleyh

    High-end looks, high-end sound: bubinga stave kit

    Here's a recent one -- bubinga solid stave custom built kit featuring thin shells with integrated rerings, black nickel plated hardware with 24k gold plated lug posts, and a high gloss finish. Lots of attack plus plenty of low end punch for full-throttle power with great tone. Sizes cover a wide...
  13. motleyh

    Whew! Finally updated the website.

    After more than a year of good intentions and about three months of actual work, the new website has finally gone live. Mobile-friendly and everything, as I crawl into the 21st century. Hope you folks like it ... there's a whole lot of drum p*rn to look at. :)
  14. motleyh

    Thanks, DRUM! magazine!

    A huge thank-you to DRUM! magazine for this road test review of three of our snares -- one steambent and two staves. This is in the Sept. 2017 issue that's just come out.
  15. motleyh

    New snare: This time it's personal.

    (Tried to post this a few days ago, but it never appeared. Let's see if it works this time.) My personal snare portfolio is pretty small – only about 5 drums – and although I’ve been a big fan of 7x13 maple snares for the past few years, I haven’t had one of my own. I’ve either made them for...
  16. motleyh

    Repost: New Carolina Drumworks cherry kit

    Apparently, this thread disappeared last night, and so far nobody's been able to figure out why. So here's a reset of it. Thanks for all the kind responses yesterday, folks, even though they seem to be gone now, also. I've changed the word "f*t*sh" to "obsession," just in case that triggered...
  17. motleyh

    Long time no pics -- here's some Padauk

    As usual, I've been busy in the shop and not on the computer, so I'm way behind in posting drum porn. Here's a fairly recent one, an 8x14 Padauk stave snare. This drum is a beast -- a great combination of plenty of power with beautiful tone. The shell is 1/4" thick with integrated rerings, beds...
  18. motleyh

    Shiny bubinga for a great performer

    This 6x13 steambent solid bubinga drum was commissioned by Bill Berg, an outstanding artist and one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. Bill was the drummer on Bob Dylan's famous "Blood on the Tracks" album, and one of the founding members of the band Flim & the BBs. He's performed...
  19. motleyh

    Walnut ply kit

    This one just got delivered a couple of days ago. For you guys who like thin shells, these are all-walnut, 4mm thick toms and 5mm thick bass -- beautiful warm tone. Cutting in these inlays is not for the faint-hearted, however. :) Sizes are 9x13, 14x16, and 16x22 with an additional 7x10 tom...
  20. motleyh

    Canarywood jazz snare

    Seems like I haven't posted a photo in a really long time. Here's a sweet jazz snare that just shipped out last week. It's a steambent solid canarywood shell, 5.5x14, with shaped and inlaid maple hoops. Great sensitivity and tone, perfect at low volumes but also speaks up quite nicely when...