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  1. dxtrinc

    Jojo Mayer Clinic in Toronto!!

    Hey Guys I just wanted to let all the Toronto area drummerworld members know that Jojo Mayer!!! will be doing a clinic at the drum shop I work at: Cosmo Music Date: September 9, 2011 Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm Location: The Cosmopolitan Music Hall...
  2. dxtrinc

    Possible Sabian to Paiste Switch

    Hey Guys I'm posting this out of sheer interest (and you may answer at your own will) as its been something I've wondered about for a while. I love my sabians but paistes are also very beautiful cymbals. I've always thought about switching in the back of my mind but don't know if I'll...
  3. dxtrinc

    Yamaha 9500 Chain Review

    Hey Guys I haven't seen a lot of info about the the new yamaha pedals so i decided to write about mine. I actually only picked them up yesterday but i have been testing them a lot the music shop I work at (Cosmo music for anyone in the GTA looking for info or product!). At the shop we have...
  4. dxtrinc

    Versatility of a 24" Bass Drum

    Hey Guys I'm looking at getting a 15X24 kik. Obviously It's gonna have a nice low end thump to it and i should be able to tune it up a little bit and get a nice funky kik sound. But would i be able to get a decent jazzier tone from it? At one point jazz was only played on 24" or 26" sometimes...
  5. dxtrinc

    I Found the Best Drum Under $300!!!

    Hey Guys I just wanted to let everyone know that I made a discovery!! While working at my shop we got in a Ludwig 302. Its basically an offshore steel version of a 402. Same bearing edge and construction and everything. Even in Canada this drum is only $129!! AND IT SOUNDS AMAZING!!!!! I own...
  6. dxtrinc

    My TRS Custom Drum Kit Lots of pics!

    Hey Guys Here;s my TRS Custom Drum kit. I'm missing the 8", 12", and 15" toms. I should be getting them very soon. Enjoy the pics and make lots of comments!! God Bless, dxtr
  7. dxtrinc

    Which will hold its value better?

    Hey Guys I currently own a DW ECO-X snare drum and I still have the chance to exchange it for another snare if i want. I was thinking of just a good old Collectors Maple 5X14. I was just wondering if you think the collectors will hold its value better (in the unfortunate event that i need to...
  8. dxtrinc

    Looking for super fat snare sound

    Hey Guys I'm trying to get a snare with that super fat thick low end snare sound. I'm more prone to getting something made then to just buying a standard. I've got 2 ideas for a snare and they are quite the opposite but both apparently will give me a similar fat snare sound. If i am wrong...
  9. dxtrinc

    Pearl Optimount with Yamaha Bracket

    Hey Guys i was wondering if anyone knew if the pearl optimount would accept a yamaha bracket. I use all yamaha hardware but i love the optimount and would love to use it on my new kit. God Bless, dxtr
  10. dxtrinc

    Bad Sound stories?

    Hey guys I was recently borrowing a friend of mines kit. My friends a custom builder and this kit was basically a gretsch knock-off ie: 30 degree bearing edges, insanely heavy hardware and fully hand finished on the inside. I had it all tuned up with new heads and sounding pristine (even the...
  11. dxtrinc

    Yamaha PHX - am I missing something?

    I work at a local drum shop and we recently got in one of the new Yamaha Phoenix drum kits. With a whopping price tag of $6500 for 10, 12, 16, 22 i expected the best of the best. Before anyone here starts ragging about my tuning abilities I've turned the worst oldest pieces of crap into...