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  1. DangerousDave

    Help identifying 18" FT shell

    After reading your post I googled Sonor, but they have totally different stamp that marks the year and month of production all combined in a 3-digit stamp.
  2. DangerousDave

    Help identifying 18" FT shell

    Good eye! It's camera trickery. The finish ends right on the apex of the bearing edge. The ply that's after the apex (when looking towards the center of the drum) is not as dark as the stain finish. It looks to me like the bearing edge was cut on the outside, then the shell was stained, then the...
  3. DangerousDave

    Help identifying 18" FT shell

    Son of a gun, I also checked with good Premier people, but as I removed the lug screws, I noticed the original lugs had two holes so it's not a Signia. I was so certain it was... Distance between outer lug screws is 11.5", distance between inner lug screws is 8 3/16". At least the outer holes...
  4. DangerousDave

    Help identifying 18" FT shell

    Another thought came to mind: Premier Signia Marquis in sherwood lacquer. This is for now my biggest lead: If distance between existing lug holes is 11,5", this could be the winner.
  5. DangerousDave

    Help identifying 18" FT shell

    Hm, PDP seems to have smaller distance between lug mounting holes. As for finish, it was some kind of brown stain and a gloss lacquer over that. This weekend I'll take the drumhead off and take a better picture so you can see the finish. That'll also be a great opportunity to measure distance...
  6. DangerousDave

    Help identifying 18" FT shell

    I did think the shell I have is either Ludwig or DW. Since DW has badge that's held in place by 2 small screws, I discarded that option. I kind of go with Ludwig option because of the number of plies. Mind you, I'm no expert on the plies of either manufacturer so this is purely a hunch. It seems...
  7. DangerousDave

    Help identifying 18" FT shell

    Yeah, if you're using an aftermarket carpet :) Unfortunately shell is all I have. As I mentioned earlier, hardware that came with the drum is not original. I haven't seen shells that have stamped date inside so that was my go-to point. Maybe someone will find the font of the stamp familiar :)...
  8. DangerousDave

    Help identifying 18" FT shell

    Any thoughts for now? Anyone? 🙂
  9. DangerousDave

    Help identifying 18" FT shell

    Sorry, didn't have much time at the computer when I started the thread. Here are some pics. Previous owner put a PVC wrap on the outside which I still didn't remove. I can see on the bearing edge that it's stained and lacquered on the outside. Also, Tama hardware has been fitted so that's why...
  10. DangerousDave

    Help identifying 18" FT shell

    Hi guys! Does anyone know who manufactures shells and stamps date on the inside? Seems like it's maple, the seam is diagonal, bearing edge is rounded on the outside, 45° on the inside, lacquered completely. Date stamped is: Thanks in advance!
  11. DangerousDave

    TAMA RS148-GXS - Limited edition snare... VERY CHEAP!!!

    Hello everybody! (I posted this on another forum also.) I stumbled across this snare on the net and ordered it. 113€ brand new! Finally getting a snare with depth that's been bugging me for a long time. It's a GXS - Galaxy silver sparkle finish. I'm really excited for a lot of reasons +...
  12. DangerousDave

    Just a few thoughts...

    I was just reading a thread that Joey Kramer moved to Pearl. Feel free to join in... Why do we get so excited when a drummer changes a product company? Is it the same way with the guitarists, keyboard players, trumpet players? Are we so lost in the sea of marketing that we live through the...
  13. DangerousDave

    Tama tension rod threads

    Hello! Sorry if similar thread exists, haven't found it. I own Tama drums. It seemed to me is the tension rods were M6. So to prevent detuning I got some M6 nuts and when I put them on rods, they appeared to be bigger and didn't hold. Does anyone know what thread does Tama use on their rods...
  14. DangerousDave

    Rubber between lugs and shell

    Hello! Does anyone know what kind of rubber it actually is? Or is it some kind of PVC sheet? It looks to me it's more 'plasticy' than 'rubbery'. I'm interested because I would like to get some sheets of that material to put it on drumset. For help, it's the part 2-1 on pic below...
  15. DangerousDave

    TAMA Speed Cobra junior (HP 310L)

    Well, here it is... Not sure when it'll be available in USA, but as far as Europe is concerned, I think it's january of 2015.
  16. DangerousDave

    (Relatively) New Tama hardware line

    Hello! Have you guys noticed the newer line that is in between RoadPro and Stagemaster? As far as I know it doesn't belong to any of the existing lines and it isn't part of a "new name" line, it's just... New :D Check out the picture below. There are snare stands, HH stands and boom stands that...
  17. DangerousDave

    BD: Clear or coated with or without front logo?

    Hey guys! Just interested in opinions about resonant BD heads. Which do you prefer? Do you have drum manufacturer logo or just plain head or something else? Myself, I went from EMAD resonant to G1 clears. I prefer everything following the same pattern so I removed original Evans logo which was...
  18. DangerousDave

    Evans G2 as a bass reso head

    Hello all! Has anyone tried this? I was thinking to put these as resos as they are almost twice as cheaper than EMAD resos. I do muffle my bass drums with sponge so does it really matter if it's 2-ply? Will I lose the incredible low end I produce with EMAD resos? :) Thanks!
  19. DangerousDave

    Snare and bearing edges

    Hi! While I made blueprints for my own snare with sharp edges, Gavin Harrison comes in with his signature snare and brings some disturbance in my determination. His snare has rounded edge on batter side and sharp on bottom. Now I had a plan of making a metal snare with sharp edges like Tama Bell...
  20. DangerousDave

    Thoughts on powdercoating a bronze shell

    Hello! I recently powdercoated every part of my newly acquired snare, except the shell, in black because it was in poor shape. Chrome pitting, oxidation... You know the story. Anyway, it looks killer meow. (I mean 'now' :) ) Now, since the shell is also in poor shape do you think if I...