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    Is it meaningful to have two brass snares of the same dimensions?

    The only difference being two different brands and one being hand hammered, the other not.
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    Looking for a full bodied 13" wood snare

    I'm very happy with a 13x5.5 brass snare. What I like about it is: - it's sensitive, you can play softly on it - yet it's full bodied - it has a pleasant ring without being uncontrollable - it produces great rim shots (no die cast hoops) So I'm looking for a wood counterpart, also 13". What...
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    Practice pad vs mesh head vs drum mute

    What's your opinion on these for snare practice? I'm looking for the most faithful rebound akin to a true head with the least volume. There's quite a price difference with practice pads being the most expensive, drum mutes the cheapest.
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    Premier snare drums - Beatmaker & XPK Exclusive

    I was looking on Premier's site for snare drums. They offer two series but I can't find them anywhere. Are they still being sold? Does anyone own one? I'm particularly interested in the 13x5.5 brass and 13x7 birch pictured below...
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    Sticks for extra speed and control

    How do length, thickness and weigth affect speed and control? Assuming 5A hickory is the standard and starting from there, can you actually have a stick with more control AND speed? I have several different sticks but it seems that I adapt to rather quickly, which makes it difficult for me to...
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    Hardware - 10mm L mount

    Wondering about hardware compatiblity. Which drum companies use 10mm tom mounting rods? - Tama - Gibraltar - Premier - Ludwig ... ? I believe Gretsch and Sonor use 12mm mounts. Yamaha and Pearl have completely different mounting systems.
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    Make a floor tom sound fatter / more focused

    I have a 14x14 with coated amb on top and clear amb on bottom. Reso is tuned higher than batter, just as it is on the other drums. The 12" sounds perfect tuned this way with the same heads but the 14" is a bit airy / a bit too open. How do I focus the sound / add body without killing it...
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    Premier APK 12 / 14 / 20

    Having sold my yamaha beech custom a few years ago, I am ready for a new set. It's a drumset for casual play as I don't have the time anymore to dedicate myself to drumming. Because of that, I don't want to break the bank and want to keep the drumset small. I was used to play a 22 kick but...
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    DDRUM tom mount L bracket

    I was shopping for a new drum and found a ddrum dominator ash. However the L tom mount doesn't hold the tom in place, the tom pivots around the L arm (it drops with gravity). Clearly, the dents in the rounded L arm don't offer enough grip. I'm used to Yamaha ball clamp and that stays in place...
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    10/14 - 12/14 - 12/16

    Which of these rack tom / floor tom setups do you prefer?
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    Headphones: open, closed, isolated

    I have the Vic Firth iso-phones and they really hurt my ears because of pressure, even after stretching them out. Do all iso-phones press that hard? If not, which iso-phones should I get? If all iso-phones press that hard, I'll get regular headphones instead and use earplugs. When using...
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    Using FLAMS - do you?

    We all know the basic flam but I don't often see them being played, especially drags, flam taps and flam accents. It's one thing to practice on a pad, it's another to know how to fit them in a song. So how do you apply flams? I think the difficulty lies in the fact that flams, unlike other...
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    Who's using coated batter on bass drum

    Tell us why you prefer them over clear batter on bass drum or why you dislike them.
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    Mounting timbales

    Is it OK to mount a timbale on a snare stand or will it compromise its sound? On the same subject, who's using timbales on a drum set and which model is a good start? How does a 12 or 13" steel snare drum differ from atrue timbales? What heads do you use on timbales?
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    Bass reso: smooth white P3 or coated amb

    Because for some odd reason coated powerstroke3 heads don't come without the stripes, I'm considering one of these heads (both ported): smooth white P3 or coated ambassador with felt strip It's too expensive to try both heads so your advice is welcome. I want a dry sustain with body, not a...
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    single stroke 4/7

    Are there passages where you use a single stroke four or single stroke seven successfully? Please show us. PS: this is not a four or seven stroke roll.
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    Custom birch snare 13x6

    I found this snare and wonder whether it's worth purchasing. It has a Yamaha badge but it's not. The lugs and die cast hoops are form Yamaha but the strainer is from Dunnett and the shell is custom-made 9mm birch 13x6". It looks well-made but what's its (resale) value?
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    Emmanuelle Caplette

    Unfortunately, I haven't found this woman on drummerworld.
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    Offset snare strands

    What's the difference between snare strands that are spaced out and those that aren't. And where can I find noble & cooley snare strands? Their website doesn't show them.
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    The current trend is to cut down on depth but in my experience, small diameter toms need more depth to stand out. A flat 10x7 for ex sounds thin to me and lacks body. 10x8 is slightly better, 10x9 is even fuller. Floor toms are squared, 8" used to be squared (and sometimes still are). Why not...