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  1. tambian89

    Jon "The Charn" Rice

    Jon "The Charn" Rice is the drummer for the metal band Job for a Cowboy. I'm not much of a fan of "deathcore" or metalcore (metal is so muttled in genre names these days it's hard to keep track), so I was never very keen on even giving the band a listen (the name alone used to deter me). That is...
  2. tambian89

    Building a kit - NEED HELP!!!

    Hey guys: One of my favorite guitarists, Ron Jarzombek (Bobby Jarzombek's younger brother) builds his own guitars. Over the past few months, I've been looking to replace my old drum set, which is now in it's fourth year, but money has been hard to come by (at least enough to support my current...
  3. tambian89

    Cymbals that sound like a Ride but aren't

    Hey guys: I'm looking to get a second ride cymbal to devote to the left side of my kit. The problem is, I'm a little short on cash. Does anyone know of any good effect cymbals that offer many of the same capabilities as a ride, but are cheaper? My current ride cymbal is a Sabian AA raw bell...
  4. tambian89

    Brian Downey

    Anyone else heard of him? One of the first rock drummers I heard along with Bonham and Bill Ward, this guy has some great chops and awesome grooves.
  5. tambian89

    Questions on muffling

    I have a set of practice pads - one is an HQ snare pad and the other is a Pearl bass drum pad. Both of them are great, but I'm having a major problem with actually keeping quiet because the pads themselves really aren't....quiet. Don't get me wrong, they are a good substitute for my drum set...