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  1. Living Dead Drummer

    New AC/DC cover

    Slapped together a quick cover of one of the new AC/DC songs, Demon Fire. I tried to get close to that "Phil Rudd Tone" with my sounds, and also sang backup.
  2. Living Dead Drummer

    Interview with Rick Latham

    Had the chance to chat with Rick Latham this week on my show, Batter Heads.
  3. Living Dead Drummer

    New Music Video for Halloween

    One of my groups, The Rhythm Coffin, just released a new video, "TOMBSTONED"
  4. Living Dead Drummer

    A chat with Todd Sucherman

    Had the pleasure of sitting down with Todd for my YouTube Series, "Batter Heads." Hope you enjoy, and if so please do all those YouTube things like liking, commenting, subscribing, blah blah blah...
  5. Living Dead Drummer

    Purple Rain LIVE in Baltimore 10/11/20

    For an encore at our Baltimore show earlier this month:
  6. Living Dead Drummer

    First gig in 7 months!

    Now that some areas are opening up I FINALLY got to play on stage again. First gig in 7 months was in Baltimore, haven't had a break that long since I was in High School!!
  7. Living Dead Drummer

    Bermuda Bonus

    Have fun with a conversation about NAMM that ended up being irrelevant anyway now that it's cancelled, lol! Here's 25 min of bonus content from my chat with Bermuda that was cut from our original episode.
  8. Living Dead Drummer

    New Animated Music Video

    One of my groups, The Rhythm Coffin, just released a new single and animated music video. You can watch below!
  9. Living Dead Drummer

    Interview on Hellfire Radio

    Talking about being a session guy in the age of covid...
  10. Living Dead Drummer

    Batter Heads Ep 003 - Nate Morton!

    New episode of my web series, Batter Heads, is now up on YouTube. Featuring Nate Morton from NBC's The Voice!
  11. Living Dead Drummer

    Interview with Groovey.TV

    Sat down with Shelby Skaarer of Groovey.TV for a chat. Read it here:
  12. Living Dead Drummer

    How To: "Monster On My Back"

    Got another "How To" video fro a song I recorded last year with The Rhythm Coffin. Here's "How To Play: MONSTER ON MY BACK"
  13. Living Dead Drummer

    New Podcast Episode with Andy Selway of KMFDM

    Episode 002 of my YouTube series is now available with my guest Andy Selway of KMFDM! This particular group is responsible for my of my personal taste in music, as well as the path a large chunk of my career has taken, working with groups in the industrial genre. It's shorter than the last...
  14. Living Dead Drummer

    Interview with

    Dread Music Review? Sounds appropriate for me, lol Check out my new interview here: We talk session work during a pandemic, teaching online, podcasts and instructional videos.
  15. Living Dead Drummer

    V2A: "Freak Show" - How To Video

    I'm not really into the "drum cover" thing, however I have decided to start making drum videos. These will be a series of "How To" videos, demonstrating how to play songs from original artists that I have either recorded or toured with. The first is "FREAK SHOW" by the U.K. based industrial...
  16. Living Dead Drummer

    New Podcast with our very own Bermuda!

    Check out the first episode of my new podcast, "Batter Heads." Episode 1features our very own Bermuda!
  17. Living Dead Drummer

    New Drum Podcast!

    ⚠️ANNOUNCEMENT⚠️ Introducing Batter Heads Podcast! Beginning next week, and airing the 2nd and 4th Tuesday’s of every month I’ll be sitting down for casual chats with some of the top drummers in the industry. Guests will include our very own Jon “Bermuda” Schwartz! Andy Selway of KMFDM, Rich...