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    Gavin Harrison's new Sonor product. Oh Gavin, you tease. :P My guess is it's the blue cymbal felt-type things or his chime rack.
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    Same cymbals, or do you swap some out depending...?

    Now that I have a new ride cymbal- the 20" Giant Beat, my 20" Sand Ride isn't really being used anymore. The GB to me is much more versatile, so I really can't see myself going back and forth between the two... But I don't really want to sell the Sand ride either. Had I tried the Giant Beat...
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    Drum gear marking for police identification?

    Hey all, It recently dawned on me that I have spent a decent amount of money on my drum stuff, (especially recently) and was thinking of doing something with my drum gear for police identification. I'm gonna go to my local police station and see if they have any tips or information, but for...