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  1. matt949

    Bolt for Roc n Soc backrest?

    Hey guys, I nabbed a backrest for my Roc N Soc throne today for a cool $20, only problem is... no bolts to attach it. does anyone know what size bolt i should use to put it on? thanks
  2. matt949

    Back to the Forum and going to A.I.M.

    Hey guys, I'm back after and extended break (things were a bit too heated last i was here). I've been accepted to the Atlanta Institute of Music drumming program, and today is the first of 3 prep classes. My first real quarter is july 5th. I'm doing the one year full time program. Anyone...
  3. matt949

    ever have trouble finding cymbals...

    Do any of you guys ever have a hard time finding cymbals that you like that fit your playing style? Its not at all that i can't find cymbals i like. on the contrary I would love to get a few meinl byzance dark pies for my kit. mainly the ride and hats. they sound so amazing. my problem is often...
  4. matt949

    Another good DrumChannel live set jazzy

    This one is of Babaghanoush not trying to promote them or anything but they have some great videos there
  5. matt949

    How should i finish this off?

    Okay, for those who have seen my drum refinishing thread, it still isnt done. due to the bass drum pretty much. Well i was thinking about getting some wood hoops for it but i dont know if want to spend 50 - 60 bucks on a pair of hoops. the reason i would get new ones is because the old on were...
  6. matt949

    My drum refinishing project (PIC HEAVY)

    Hey guys. Haven't been around in a while. I just had my spring break and did this over the break. I took some old sound source drums i had and refinished them. They had a ugly cheap red wrap on them. I know they are not perfectly done but i mean it was just a trial really, and the shells arent...
  7. matt949

    Tucker Rule

    He is the drummer for Thursday. I really like his stuff. I like how he locks with the bassist very well. Your thoughts?