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    Modern Drummer's list of 25 Greatest Drum Books

    It seemed to me that in the early 70s every drummer had a copy of The Drummers Cook Book.
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    Where is Kimberly Thompson's page?

    Just like the thread title says. I wanted to look up her page on DW and maybe watch a vid of her playing. She doesn't appear on the list. What happened?
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    Missing posts-What happened?

    I logged on today and the upper right of my screen reads, "You last visited 11-18-14"; I've been on Saturday and yesterday since the site recovered. I also notice a fair bit of missing posts from that time frame, and I'm not talking about only my own. Entire bits of threads and conversations...
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    Torn calf muscle

    Like the title says. About a week and a half ago while driving home from work my pickup truck (Ranger) broke down. Coasted into a business driveway and lost monentum, so I had to get out and push. Heard a loud and painful pop in my right calf (yeah, the "bass drum foot"). So for the last...
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    Steve Gadd's Birthday

    Happy Birthday to my all time favorite drummer. And many happy more, Mr. Gadd!
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    DW 5000 single pedal - keep breaking spring

    Has anyone else here had this problem? I play and excellerator model with the tension set fairly tight but not nearly "maxed out." Aside from woodshedding the music I play most often is blues, classic rock, r&b and some funk. I play agressive but I don't abuse my pedal, and I'm certain the...
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    R.I.P. Freddy Hubbard

    What a loss. Freddy Hubbard passed away 12/29/08, one month after suffering a heart attack. He'd been in the hospital since the attack the day before Thanksgiving. He was 70. Freddy was one of a kind. Thankfully for us there's plenty of his music to remember him by. He'll be missed.